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Joyride Games’ New Classic Pool Game Hit: Trickshot Blitz

Trickshot Blitz Blockchain Game Details

Trickshot Blitz is a classic 8-ball pool game with blockchain-integrated features developed by Joyride Games. The Flow blockchain based game was launched on August 15, 2022, for mobile devices. Besides the classic pool gameplay mechanics, the game allows players to compete via matchmaking and earn $RLY rewards by winning matches. 

Joyride Games is also the developer of Solitaire Blitz card playing game, which recently gained immense popularity with over 142K monthly users. Solitaire Blitz and Trickshot Blitz have secured 6th and 7th rank in the Blockchain Gaming DApps, respectively.

About Trickshot Blitz

The Trickshot Blitz game is a play-to-earn classic 8-ball pool game with a classy look and exciting gaming features. Unlike other blockchain games, Trickshot focuses on the gameplay aspect more than complicated web3 features. 

In competitive matches, players can compete with opponents with similar ranks. This matchmaking system has a unique algorithm that ensures your opponent has the same skills, and this algorithm had been deployed previously on the Solitaire Blitz game too. 

Participating in tournaments will fetch you $RLY prizes and bonus points for accuracy. Trick shots will earn you more bonus points, so you can learn trick shots for impressive scores by spending more time in the game.

Trickshot Blitz Blockchain Game

Trickshot Blitz is available to download from Google Play and the iOS App Store

Trickshot Blitz Gameplay

Trickshot Blitz is a free-to-play game, so you can download and try the game without the need to connect a wallet. The game has five sections – Contests, Playground, Shop, Profile, and Leaderboard. 

Players can either practice or participate in 1 vs 1 matches and Elimination Brackets in the contest section. There is a specific prize pool for each level under the above formats. For example, the Starter Kit, Ace Amateur, Apprentice, and Heavy Hitters are 1 vs 1 levels with 5, 18, 120, and 160 $RLY prize pool, respectively. 

Trickshot Blitz Gameplay Details

Under the Playground section are Challenges and Special events with different prize pools. In addition, there are live events, but those need a minimum level of 5 to gain access.

Players will have 2 minutes to complete each match, and the one with the highest score wins the game. To shoot, drag your finger left or right on the screen and make the correct angle. After that, drag the power bar at the bottom of the screen and release it to take the shot. If the stick has the correct angle with the cue ball, it will go into the pocket. 

Each pocket has predefined points called pocket points. A player earns the respective pocket points by pocketing the red ball. Trickshots will earn you additional 100 points. In addition, pocketing the crown ball will rotate the pocket points three times.

Trickshot Blitz Gameplay Details

Tickets, Boosters, and Coins

Tickets: Players can receive Tickets by participating in the special events and daily challenges. The ticket count is set to 0 at the end of every season. These tickets can be used to compete in Seasonal and Special events to win $RLY Tokens.

Boosters: Boosters are special rewards awarded to players after completing milestones and have an expiry time. The XP booster doubles the XP gained, and the Coin booster doubles all coins.

Coins: Coins can be used as an entry fee for different formats. Players can earn coins by watching Ads, referring friends, and playing games.

Trickshot Blitz Level Up

What is $RLY Token?

$RLY is an ERC-20 utility token of Trickshot Blitz. The developers used RLY, a native token of Rally, a protocol that allows creators to launch tokens and build a digital economy. They used this existing token as in-game currency so that the game will get benefited from exposure to the RLY community as it is already traded on multiple platforms. 

Players can earn $RLY tokens by participating in matchmaking tournaments. These tokens will be stored in the Joyride wallet and can be deposited using the Metamask wallet. $RLY has a maximum supply of 15 billion with a current supply of 3,025,250,369 tokens.

About Joyride Games

Joyride Games is a game development platform aimed at powering blockchain projects. The company has a team of experienced game developers with ecosystem partners such as Mirana Ventures, Dapper Labs, Solana Ventures, SuperLayer, and Coinbase. 

Joyride’s games are built using the Unity ecosystem and focus on developing blockchain-powered casual games. Some of the games they have developed are Solitaire Blitz and Tennis Champs. The Tennis Champ Genesis Series NFT drop was successful, with 952 volumes sold at a floor price of 0.12 ETH. In addition, they recently raised $14M from companies like Coinbase, Animoca, and Dapper Labs.

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