Latest Mirandus Gameplay and Features Leak

Mirandus Blockchain Game

Mirandus, is an highly-anticipated MMORPG developed by Gala Games. The Gala team recently leaked some new gameplay features through a 2-hour AMA session on YouTube. The new features include Exemplar avatars, Materium token, player-driven economy, ships, docks, and in-game items.

The dangerous world of Mirandus can be accessed by the finest warriors, crafters, and explorers. In the game, players must own or rent an Exemplar. The Exemplar is an avatar available in five fantasy races of humans such as human, elf, orc, dwarf or halfling. These characters will have special powers to help the players navigate and conquer foreign territories. There are a total of 1000 Exemplars in the game powered by blockchain technology. During the entire game period, this number will remain constant.

Mirandus has a player-driven economy, meaning that players own every item in the game, including lands and towns. Even the armory and clothes you wear would have been crafted by fellow players. A character will be naked initially, and players have to equip them with linen clothes or padded armor, leather armor, and brigandine armor.

Mirandus Character Creation

In the game, players can craft items, buy, sell or trade using a substance called Materium. If players die, they can use Materium to cast a spell and return to the Mirandus world without penalty. Materium can also be used to complete a craft without all ingredients and teleport items to far away locations. So Materium is the most powerful thing in Mirandus world and allows players to perform magic. You can find Materium across the Mirandus world in monsters, chests, and secret locations.

More about Materium

Materium is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on secondary markets. The world of Mirandus is rich in Materium, and whoever finds it will become powerful. It allows teleportation of objects from vault to vault, player to player, and ensures speedy transport of valuable items. 

Players need all the required materials to craft items, but a particular material may be missing. Materium can be used as a substitute for these ingredients and to craft powerful armor and weapons. Besides teleportation and crafting abilities, Materium helps players heal wounds, increase speed and strength, harness magical powers, and use powerful spells. You can also purchase various NFTs from the store using Materium.

Mirandus Store Details

What is the Mirandus game?

Developed by Gala Games, Mirandus is an open-world MMORPG game that allows players to own cities and influence the Mirandus world. In the game, players own most things, including buildings, stores, and in-game items such as armor and clothes. Players have absolute freedom; the game has no missions or quests. You can buy an exemplar avatar with special abilities besides the free avatars available. 

Players can buy other in-game items, including docks, deeds, ships, and much more. Five player-owned cities will be present in the game, where owners can create factions and choose tax systems. The economic, governance and political decisions will be affected by all players in the Mirandus Metaverse. However, players owning buildings, deeds, and exemplars will have more significant control over the above. 

The game allows you to select your character path – a dungeon-crawler or a famous merchant. If you want to explore the wilderness or test your skills against monsters, you can do that too. Players can set up bases, farms, or cities within this wilderness and generate resources.

Mirandus Gameplay Details
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