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Equip Canar-E in Mines of Dalarnia; 1.1 Release Soon

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Venturing into the depths in Mines of Dalarnia will now be a little bit easier with exotic Canar-E NFTs, enabled in a recent release. But soon, there will also be opportunities to explore the even deeper. An upcoming content patch called Deeper Depths opens up land plot expansion, new resources, and new creatures.

Mines of Dalarnia exotic Canar-E
exotic Canar-E

Players can now equip their rare Canar-E NFTs in Mines of Dalarnia, altering the visual appearance of their Canar-E companion, while also adding a new, enemy locating ability. Every five seconds, an equipped rare Canar-E will ping nearby enemies, causing red icons to appear in their locations on the mini-map. You can pick up one of these NFTs on the marketplace.

Upgraded Canar-Es also have the ability to return to the surface with found loot once per run, allowing players to clear up pack space for more resources.

Deeper Depths Release and Halloween Contest

But that isn’t all that is happening. The Mines of Dalarnia team has been busy, releasing a playable version for Mac systems, and preparing to release a major content patch called Deeper Depths. Deeper Depths brings the official game version up to 1.1. This content patch offers land owners the opportunity to extend the depth of their land plots. With a special, consumable item, land owners can increase the depth of their plot, revealing new resources, and new dangers!

And of course, with new resources, come new craftables. Players will also be able to upgrade old equipment, so that it doesn’t become completely obsolete. Miner Rank and Power will have their level caps increased as well. The Deeper Depths release is targeted for early Q4, 2022.

And for those with artistic skills, Mines of Dalarnia is holding a Halloween concept art contest. Registrations are open now through September 20th, 11:59pm UTC, 2022. The top 10 entries receive various prizes, with the top 3 seeing their ideas incorporated into the game (plus they receive a free version of their NFT)!

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

mine and fight for resources

Mines of Dalarnia is a game about adventuring deep underground to gather resources. Players dig, fight against deadly beasts, and collect ore and various other goodies. Resources are used to craft items, which in turn help you adventure into deeper and more difficult areas. Players have an air limit, creating a deadline for each adventure.

It offers a free to play demo, but playing the actual game requires a Wallet Connect wallet, and DAR for plot rentals. The game features free to play adventure areas, but to find the better resources, players must venture into player owned lands. Land owners set a static fee that other players pay to visit their plot. Each plot can only be visited a certain number of times before it runs out of resources and needs to be renewed.

Players upgrade various equipment slots such as the mining tool. They can also craft consumables which include teleportation beacons, healing kits, and capsules land owners use to replenish their plots.

The game features four regions: Ice, Darkness, Lava, and Terra. Since Mines Of Dalarnia is a play-to-earn game, players can win tokens in multiple ways by completing in-game quests, inviting friends to play, or winning competitions to get DAR tokens which is the governance currency of the world of Dalarnia. Players can also trade resources and crafted items with other players on the in-game marketplace.

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