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Mobland Introduces Digital Weed Farms

MOBLAND Introduces NFT 3.0 - Digital Weed Farms

Mobland has announced the release of upgradable digital weed farms under their NFT 3.0 release. The grow-and-earn digital weed farm NFTs are the first-of-a-kind feature in the metaverse gaming space. Weed is an in-game asset that can be used to upgrade digital weed farms that can further be utilized to produce in-game commodities and generate passive income. 

In MOBLAND, NFT 1.0 is about individual character and item, NFT 2.0 is about land and real estate, and NFT 3.0 is about business and utility on top of the land and real estate. The announcement was made months after Rapper Snoop Dogg collaborated with MOBLAND to bring digital weed farms as NFTs to the metaverse. In addition, the platform will host branded digital weed farms and exclusive content from his son Champ Medici. MOBLAND is a mafia-themed metaverse blockchain game based on the Ethereum blockchain, where players are gangsters and own their mafia organizations.

What are Digital Weed Farms?

Weed Farms are MOBLAND’s first revenue-generating business license. Farm owners can grow weed and sow seeds on the farms to produce commodities sold within the MOBLAND ecosystem and generate income. There are several businesses inside MOBLAND’s metaverse. Business owners (Weed farm owners) strategize and attract SEED farmers to deposit SEED into their businesses. In this way, Farm owners generate revenue. In addition, players can earn by operating farms and earning in-game weed or by lending farms to other players and gaining a share of the weed.

Digital Weed Farms operates on Turf or Land. Weed Farm owners must pay the rent to Turflords in SEED through a leasing system. After leasing a turf, farmers can stake their farms on the leased Turf to make them operational. Farmers have to pay a certain amount of SEED for sowing to operate the farms. Taxes will also be charged on the end-product generated on the farms. 

The Farm owners can also lease greenhouses by submitting a farm lease agreement. The greenhouses can be used for the entire duration of the lease term. The Farms can finally be used to produce crops and participate in PvP and PvE activities.

Digital Farm Attributes

The Digital Farm NFTs have four attributes – Primary, Appearance, Statistic, and Consumption. The primary attribute defines the rarities, types, and levels of farms, Statistic defines the production and storage capabilities of farms, Appearance defines the farm’s looks, and Consumption tells us how much weed needs to be consumed by a farm. 

The developers have released the Primary and Statistic attribute features. However, the game developers have not yet shared the Appearance and Consumption attribute details.

Digital Wedd Farms Statistic Attributes

Primary Attributes

The first attribute that comes under primary attributes is Rarity. There are five different rarities – common, rare, epic, uncommon, and legendary. The rarities have been divided based on size, area, and greenhouses. Therefore, the higher the rarity, the more the size and area will be.

MOBLAND Digital Weed Farm Rarity

The Type of a farm determines what crops can be generated on the farm. Currently, only Digital weed farms have been introduced in the first phase. This means only weed can be grown on these farms.

The Level is an upgradable parameter in Mobland. With the increase in level, the rate of weed production, total weed production, maximum storage capacity, hit points, and defender attribute bonus increases. The starting level is Level 1 and can be upgraded to level 10 by utilizing in-game weed. The farm’s style and appearance also improve with each level.

MOBLAND Digital Weed Farm Level Details

Statistic Attributes

The statistics attributes include several parameters that will help farm owners build farms. The parameters are:

  • Number of Greenhouse
  • Weed production
  • Storage
  • Grow duration
  • Defender attribute bonus
  • Hit Points
  • Claimable level
  • Status

Based on the rarity, a farm has a fixed number of greenhouses. These greenhouses are independent and can be used for fractionalized borrow-lending. The Grow Duration is the time that a farm takes to generate weed. This time can be decreased by leveling up farms. 

The Weed Production parameter tells us how much weed can be produced during a growing period. On the other hand, the Seed consumption parameter defines the number of seeds that must be planted in a greenhouse to grow weed. The Claimable Level is used to indicate the amount of weed that is claimable out of the total weed stored on a farm. The Hit Points or HP is the amount of damage a farm can take if attacked. Finally, the Status parameter tells us whether the farm is Active or Wrecked. Active indicates that the farm is fit for producing weed. Wrecked, on the other hand, signifies that the farm has been damaged and has 0 HP.

What is Mobland?

Mobland is the first ever mafia syndicate metaverse RPG game in which players fight with other mafia networks, loot, build and lead criminal organizations and run businesses. The game has PvE and PvP modes under a free-to-earn game model. 

MOBLAND Gameplay Details

The PvE gameplay includes environment-focused missions where players have to fight against rival gangs and conquer their lands. In PvP mode, there are asynchronous battles involving AI-assigned syndicate members assigned by the defender player. In addition, players can participate in different activities in the game, such as leaderboard events, syndicate events, daily events, PvP missions, and earn rewards.

The official governance token of Mobland is SYNR or SYNNERS, an ERC20-based token. SYNR can purchase in-game assets in the marketplace, earn additional rewards or boost in-game characters. In addition, players can stake SYNR tokens to participate in governance decisions.

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