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VoxEdit continues to launch a steady stream of creative contests. The latest, a partnership with Rainiverse, brings prizes including 15,000 SAND tokens and special NFTs from Raini. The theme for this contest centers around creatures from a trading card game called The Lords of Light.

VoxEdit is the official, voxel-based, asset creator for The Sandbox. In addition to allowing users to create assets for the game, they also host regular contests, with some very nice rewards! This latest contest doubles as a promotion for an upcoming trading card game called The Lords of Light. Contestants are tasked with creating a mythical creature from the Rainiverse in Voxedit.

First place receives 6,000 SAND plus two premium card packs from The Lords of Light game. Second place receives 3,500 SAND and one premium pack, and third place is rewarded with 2,000 SAND and an enhanced card pack. Fourth through 10th place finishers each receive 500 SAND. At current SAND value, even those bottom ranked prizes are worth over $650 USD!

Submissions for the contest open on August 16th and close on August 21st at 23:59 UTC. Reviews and voting will happen the week after that with winners announced on September 3rd. Follow these guidelines to submit your entry:

  • Create a GIF of your fully animated asset. (We recommend using Gyazo).
  • Tweet your asset’s GIF mentioning @VoxEdit, @TheSandboxGame on Twitter. Make sure to include #VoxEditWeekly hashtags in your Tweet.
  • To finalize your submission, please fill out the following Google Form

You can read the full, official contest guidelines here.

a few cards from The Lords of Light

What is The Lords of Light?

Built by a company called Raini, The Lords of Light is an upcoming, trading card game on the Ethereum network. It features an interesting pairing of crypto-related cards and typical fantasy creatures. Players choose from one of seven Lords of Light, assemble their army, and then try to defeat their opponent in a face-to-face battle.

The Lords of Light features the ability level up weapon and creature cards. Higher-level cards have a greater chance to trigger special, color-coded abilities, sometimes have better stats, and can also be staked in farming pools.

an opened pack

This will be a play-to-earn game with its own token called $PHOTON. Players earn PHOTON via the usual methods — winning battles, quests, staking, and renting. Their first set of packs for this game are sold out, though you can still purchase them from secondary sellers on OpenSea. And for something a little different, you can purchase packs that are already opened and have their contents revealed. That’s kind of cool!

The game is currently in closed alpha testing. Follow Raini on Twitter for future chances to participate.

About VoxEdit

VoxEdit in action

VoxEdit is the official asset editor for The Sandbox. It is a voxel-based editor with quite a few tools that support animated, as well as static assets. Creators can upload their creations for use in experiences in The Sandbox. Quality content creators can also receive permission to sell their assets as NFTs on the Sandbox marketplace.

VoxEdit is easy to learn, with plenty of tools available to allow for the creation of complex objects. It also comes with predefined creature and humanoid assets that users can work with to build their own people and creatures that will integrate seamlessly into experiences in The Sandbox.

The VoxEdit software is completely free to download and use! If you have any interest in building with VoxEdit, then you should definitely consider participating in the contests. Join their Discord for the latest announcements.

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