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MetaBeasts Mint Starts July 22

MetaBeasts banner

The first mint for MetaBeasts starts this Friday, July 22nd. These are not the generative gaming NFTs that have gained in popularity recently. Instead, each Beast is a custom piece of high quality, fantasy artwork. They also come with the bonuses associated with Founder NFTs. And as MetaBeasts hopes to build an IP around their NFTs — not just in the form of games, but also in books, movies, and other media — the long term benefits for holding these could lead to some interesting perks!

MetaBeast hot, MetaBeast cold

MetaBeasts is an art / avatar project that seeks to give a wide array of utility to its NFTs. The first layer of utility would be using these NFTs as an avatar or character throughout the games in the MetaBeast universe. Though no games actually exist yet, the team has plans for creating a voxel-based game, a card game, arena PvP, and an open world RPG! Pretty bold plans! Though we’ve already seen VulcanVerse, and to a lesser extent, Gala Games, begin similar types of ecosystems. So it’s certainly not an impossible task.

These first NFT mints, known as Season One, also offer early access to new games, whitelisting for Season Two, a token airdrop, and voting rights on future development for MetaBeasts. In addition, you get a free book!

Artwork and lore are very important to the MetaBeasts ecosystem. The artwork is amazing! With over 20 contributing artists, each Beast is gorgeous piece of fantasy art. And the team has brought in an established fantasy author, N.P. Martin, to help create an 18 chapter book of lore.

MetaBeasts hopes for 20+ seasons of games and drops, with another book accompanying each season!

Mint a MetaBeast

The mint for these initial MetaBeasts begins on July 22, 2022 at 7am CST. This is the whitelist pre-sale. If you haven’t already submitted your wallet address on their Discord server, then you’re probably too late for the whitelist. However, there will be a public mint 24 hours later. Price is 0.1 ETH for presale, 0.13 ETH for public sale. Each wallet is limited to two mints, and each mint contains two Beasts.

Ancient MetaBeast

There will be 20k only 5k first season MetaBeasts, sold in groups of two. Minters have the option of minting two Beasts directly in their wallet, or getting a chest, which is basically an unopened pack of two MetaBeasts.

MetaBeasts exist in six rarities, from Common to Ancient. They also have an associated Element type such as Fire, Earth, or Steel. Some Beasts may even have a fusion of two Elements. Beasts come with four attributes. These are Health, Dexterity, Strength, and Recovery. In order to accommodate these stats into different games, the team opted to use a simple, 1-10 scale for all stats, with 10 being the best. How those stats are used came vary from game to game, but the numbers should give users a basic idea of each Beast’s effectiveness. The NFTs will also feature visual stat bars on the card border so players can easily see the stats without having to look at the metadata.

MetaBeasts offers a deflationary model for their NFTs via upgrades. Similar to the upgrade system in Splinterlands, users can merge multiple copies of the same Beast to create a new one of a higher tier. All Beasts start at Tier I and can level up to Tier III. Leveling up provides bonus stats. This feature guarantees that MetaBeasts will only get rarer over time, as NFTs are burned to make higher tier Beasts.

To learn more visit their website, follow on Twitter, and/or join their Discord.

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