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Successful First Trip to Otherside

Otherside First Trip banner

Following up on their recent stress test, Otherside drops a rather impressive tech demo dubbed First Trip. Open only to holders of Otherdeeds, the First Trip offered quite a massive and trippy experience. But this was more than just a playtest, as participants received a fragment from a mysterious Obelisk, which is now reflected in the metadata for their Otherdeed!

Featuring thousands of players in the same, textured world with proximity-based voice chat, Otherside’s First Trip was an impressive show. Otherdeed holders could participate by joining the party directly, or by watching a special livestream. Working with a platform called Project Morpheus to allow for this massive, seamless play experience, Otherside shows the world that they are serious contenders in the virtual worlds space!

And this is just the beginning of a planned, 11-part storyline that incorporates game lore about rebuilding and discovering the meaning of a mysterious Obelisk, with demos, playtests, and feature developments. And if this First Trip was an indication of what lies ahead, it looks to be quite an epic adventure!

Players began the First Trip in the same, non-textured flat plain from the recent stress test, though things quickly escalated from there!

First Trip Experience

Led by a giant Bored Ape, players found themselves swept away down a swirling, whirlpool portal. On the other side of the portal was the Otherside experience. Complete with terrain, textures, jump pads, buildings, and even a couple of quests!

At first, the players just moved around the world and used jump pads to launch themselves from one island to another. But after meeting up in a large amphitheater called The Sphere, the players were given a quest. The quest tasked players with freeing Kodas, mysterious creatures sometimes found on Otherside plots.

After completing this quest, players gathered at the mysterious Obelisk to celebrate. But the event was not over yet! Suddenly, a massive, evil Koda appeared. The Otherside players banded together to jump on launch pads and hurl themselves at the enemy. After much sacrifice, the evil Koda was defeated.

Otherside First Trip

Now given that this is such a new project and that there were over 4500 players participating, this demo ran extremely smoothly. Videos from the event show masses of players gathered together, jumping around, flying through the air, all with no major issues!

For those who couldn’t attend the demo in person, there was a token-gated livestream available. This was also only open to Otherdeed holders, but it counted as participation in the event. And that’s important because everyone who participated received an update to the metadata for their Otherdeed! This update gives them a piece of the Obelisk, seen on Otherdeeds site (click on your Otherdeed to see the Obelisk on the back).

But no fear if you missed this demo. There will be other demos soon where participants can snag that first Obelisk piece.

Otherdeed Obelisk
The Obelisk

What is the Otherside?

Otherside is a Metaverse project by Yuga Labs, the founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club. It is a world of floating islands, each one an NFT Otherdeed (100,000 in total). Otherdeeds come in different tiers, which affects their appearance and their resource production. Each plot can produce up to four different resources. Some lands come with special Artifacts or Koda visitors. We don’t know what effect these special bonuses have, but it will likely be something good. The land NFTs are dynamic, designed to change and evolve based on the owner’s actions.

Otherside First Trip
The First Trip

In many ways, Otherdeeds are similar to The Sandbox plots or NFT Worlds. They want to encourage and empower owners to build their own unique experiences on their lands. The team plans to build an ODK, or Otherside Development Kit, for third parties to add their own creations to the Ape-verse. A recently released litepaper, outlines their plans and goals.

The team has a long roadmap planned out, with lore/story behind each additional feature and change.

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