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Green Rabbit Powers-Up Their 3D Races

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Green Rabbit boosts their 3D Anima Races with Power-Ups and functional armor stats. Along the way, they also introduce the first iteration of Apartment customization. Though the game centers around the Anima Races, Green Rabbit is building a virtual world with a social hub, player-owned apartments, and daily missions.

Since they first added 3D racing back in April of 2022, Green Rabbit has slowly and steadily built on the foundation. They’ve added some course variation, more types of obstacles, and even special shields that require a good shoulder bash to get through. Now they brings us another update, with two new features: Power-Ups and armor stats.

Green Rabbit race entry

Power-Ups are featured in the 3D racing and come in three types. Offensive power-ups allow you to shoot a ball of energy at your opponents, shield power-ups give you brief protection, and utility power-ups give you a temporary speed boost. As with much of the game, this Power-Up feature is just a first pass. The team already has plans to gather data, add additional functionality, and improve the user interface. Press the right mouse button during the race to activate any power-up that you gather.

Secondly, armor stats now matter during races. Each armor type comes with a set of default stats, though soon players should be able to craft their own Anima Armor and wear it in-game. Speed affects sprint acceleration, strength affects how easy it is to bash through breakable objects, agility determines max stamina, resilience affects run speed through mud, and luck may save you from being shocked by a bolt of electricity during the race.

Green Rabbit also added the initial Apartment customization feature. For now, only the Genesis statues can be installed, but expect additional decoration options in the near future.

In addition to this game update, Green Rabbit began releasing a series of video clues. What do they mean? It seems to be something related to their one year anniversary. Perhaps you can discover the answer!

3D Anima Racing

Green Rabbit has been steadily adding layers to their game, with free-to-earn Orbital Drops, and player-owned Apartments. However, the main draw of the game, racing, is still lacking. And this may sound strange after spending the first half of this article talking about several recent race updates, but the racing experience still isn’t very engaging. And it’s not just me. I’ve joined the race queue several different times over the past few days. And 9 times out of 10, it was a race by myself. There were no other races going on. There was simply no interest!

Don’t get me wrong! I do appreciate the recent efforts to spice up the racing. But I was hoping for something more dynamic, with interactive scenery and multiple options for tackling various obstacles. Races where you never know who will win until the race ends. Instead, we have a static course, with way too much platform jumping involved.

Green Rabbit tech demo
Green Rabbit early tech demo

Their early tech demo looked like a lot more fun than the current in-game racing. Who doesn’t like knocking cubes around with some physics simulation? It makes the game feel like an environment rather than just static scenery. Where is this dynamic feel in the races? I want some moveable blocks in the path that turtle armor players can push through on a run but others can only move much more slowly. And as the turtles plow into the blocks they go flying off and nudge the other players they hit. Maybe getting hit while jumping stuns the player? Something more interactive is definitely needed here.

And yes, I know this is an alpha, but if racing is what this game is about, then perhaps racing should be the primary development focus.

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is a racing game built on the Wax blockchain. Players wear special Anima Armor and compete in a grueling, obstacle course, 3D racing events known as Ultra-Anima. Equipped in crafted Anima-Armor, racers seek to prove their worth in this contest. Winners receive prizes which could include the game currency Shellinium, NFTs, and resources.

Players stake NFTs to earn Shellinium, the official Green Rabbit token. With that Shellinium and various NFTs, players craft Greenprints, and from those Greenprints, Anima-Armor. Armor comes in six components, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Helmet. You will need all six to complete an Anima-Armor suit. After that, you can upgrade armor to obtain potential bonuses in the Ultra-Anima races.

The game is currently in alpha and free to play. Players can own Apartments, interact in the social hub, and participate in races.

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