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Win Prizes at Revv Racing Gecko Race 2.0

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REVV Racing’s Gecko Race 2.0 kicks off on July 14th and runs for 24 hours only. With a total prize pool of 180,000 REVV tokens, this competition is sure to attract a number of drivers to bring out their CoinGecko-themed cars and compete for a spot! Though you have to drive the right car to win a prize!

REVV Racing, an arcade-style racing game running on the Polygon blockchain, brings us a tournament where only a specific type of car is allowed for each race session. Meaning that player skill, not car abilities, will be the true test.

Gecko Race 2.0

This tournament runs for 24 hours, beginning on July 14th, 8 am UTC. There will be three different sessions, all running simultaneously. The sessions come in varied weather conditions and lap numbers, so drive wisely. Anyone can participate in the event, but only those driving a REVV Racing Gecko Car can win prizes. These cars are CoinGecko-themed and come in three varieties — Ambition, Blur, and Oji. If you don’t already own one, they are available on OpenSea.

REVV Racing Gecko race details
Gecko Race 2.0 session info

Even though this is a special tournament, races still cost 5 REVV tokens to enter. The top 500 finishers for each session can receive REVV payouts. The sessions have specific Gecko cars that need to be driven to earn prizes for that race.

Each session comes with a reward pool of 60,000 REVV, divided between two groups. Players, those who drive their own cars, and Drivers, those who drive cars for others. Each player can only receive rewards from one of the pools — and they are locked into a pool based on the first tournament race joined.

The pool rewards will also be split based on how many players are in each group. If there are more players in the Player group, for example, then the Player reward pool will be proportionately larger.

Receiving prizes requires completing a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with REVV Racing. For this, you will need a passport, driving license, or another sort of national identification. To get verified, go to the official site, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the Player Verification link.

What is REVV Racing?

REVV Racing car

REVV Racing is a browser-based racing game developed by Animoca Brands. It runs on the Polygon blockchain and features numerous car NFTS and its own token, REVV. Players enter races with their cars in an attempt to be the fastest one to complete the course. REVV Racing features a few different courses as well as varying weather conditions.

The game runs well, even though it’s in a browser. REVV Racing has the look and feel of an arcade or console game, with plenty of opportunities for skids, drifts, and wipeouts. Players can use keyboard controls, or a PlayStation or XBOX controller.

Racing does require owning a car or becoming a designated driver for a car owner. Entering a race costs 5 REVV tokens. REVV Racing launches new collaborative cars with various partners on a regular basis. The cars look great and have a variety of designs. Though some designs can be expensive, there are many to choose from for under five dollars. REVV Racing holds regular tournaments and race events with prizes paid in REVV tokens.

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