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Mytheria Open Beta Now Live

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Mytheria kicks off the month of July with an open beta for their fantasy-themed, god-dueling, collectible card game. Built on the Binance Chain, Mytheria brings high quality, mainstream style gaming to a blockchain that is still finding its footing in the gaming scene. The Mytheria open beta is now live and free to play. Though those with NFT cards can enter events during July and earn MYRA tokens!

We listed Mytheria as one of our games to watch in July. And now, you can download it yourself and find out why!

Mytheria brings the trading card game genre to Binance Chain. With a couple of unusual game mechanics, Mytheria feels fresh enough to be worth a look, even if you’re burned out on trading card games. You can download the latest version from this official link. It’s available for both Android and PCs. The download for PC is about 330 MB

Mytheria gameplay screenshot
Mytheria battle board

The game offers several free to play decks for players. But those who have their own cards can also build custom decks. To buy cards, check the Agoran marketplace.

During the open beta, Mytheria is hosting a play to earn event. To enter, you must build a deck with your own NFTs (at least 10 cards required) and play event matches. This event runs in five phases, each lasting two days. Players are ranked based on the number of wins they have in the first 15 matches during each phase.

Phase one of the play and earn even is already complete, but there is still time to sign up for phase two! The second phase begins on July 8th, at 10am (UTC +7) and runs until 10 pm (UTC +7) on July 10th. Phase three begins on July 15th, phase four July 22nd, and Phase five July 29th. They all run for the same amount of time. At the end of each phase, all eligible players receive a portion of the prize pool of 20,000 MYRA tokens!

Mytheria Gameplay

Mytheria’s gameplay includes fluid battle lines and special God units. Mytheria features four lanes on the board for units. However, players can move their cards between lanes at will before combat begins to try and get the best matchups. For the most part, units only attack and affect other units in their lane. Units feature the basic stats — mana cost, attack, and health. In addition to regular minions, each player also summons a God card that can upgrade with new abilities.

Mytheria does have a unique feature where players can convert one unspent mana into a Shard each turn. Players then use those Shards to upgrade their God. Gods have several special abilities that trigger by investing enough Shards into them. Also, some other cards can’t be played until your God has upgraded!

Mytheria follows a pretty standard mana unlocking system. Players gain 1 maximum mana each turn, up to six. And then at the beginning of a turn, everyone’s mana bars are refreshed. For each turn, both players play cards from their hands, move their units around on the game board, and then close with a round of automatic combat. During combat, cards on the table attack whatever is directly across from them. If a card’s health is reduced to zero, it is removed from the game.

The objective is to reduce your opponent’s middle tower to zero health. However, the side towers take damage first, so one or both of them must be destroyed before you can attack the middle tower.

Mytheria gameplay

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