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Join the Town Crush Challenge and Win Your Share of $400k GALA Before July 8th

Town Crush Challenge - June Mayhem

Once again, Gala Games has activated Town Crush on its platform, inviting you to test it out with an enticing reward. Your goal is to complete all 12 levels of this Town Star-themed “match 3” game before July 8th. If you’re a Gala Gold member by then, you can enjoy your share of a whopping $400,000+ worth of GALA from the prize pool.

A little late for its name, “June Mayhem,” this Town Crush Challenge was launched on July 1st and will end on July 8th at 12 pm PT. As of press time, you still have a few days to catch up and breeze through all 12 levels, especially if you use extra hearts (lives) or get help from the handy Town Crush Eggsecutioners.

To get extra lives, you may buy yourself some Bag o’ Stars using TOWN tokens. You can then use the stars to purchase extra hearts and not wait for them to recharge at one heart every 5 minutes. You can get going with the game and win ASAP.

If you wish to complete a Town Crush level even faster, you can also get two additional Eggsecutioners per round. The way to do this is to purchase an Egg Storage building NFT from Town Star. By owning one Egg Storage NFT, you can get those extra Eggsecutioners and crush your way to victory.

Gala Gold Requirement

Once the challenge ends, the massive $400,000 GALA reward pool will then be shared by all Gala Gold members who complete all 12 levels of Town Crush. If participants bought Egg Storage NFTs during the challenge, this reward pool would have grown. For each Egg Storage building sold, Gala Games is adding $50 to the GALA reward pool.

If you’re not yet a Gala Gold member, you can play Town Crush first with all your might, and then when you win before July 8th, you can pay $50 for a lifetime Gala Gold membership. That way, you would have secured your win first. Your Gala Gold membership would be worth it since, by then, you’d already be qualified to share in the $400k+ rewards anyway. You can subscribe to Gala Gold on

What is Town Crush?

Town Crush by Gala Games is a “match-three” game just like Candy Crush. You need to match items such as fruits, crops, equipment, and buildings, which, by the way, are game items you can find in Town Star. The more matches you make along with low turns, the higher points you will receive. Currently, the game has 12 levels.

Gala Games first created Town Crush to test the new blockchain Gala has been creating: Project GYRI. By playing Town Crush—and therefore helping Gala Games find bugs and fix issues—you can earn the on-chain TEST token. You can spend these TEST tokens on lives and bombs that allow you to complete levels faster, but you cannot transfer or sell them.

Town Crush is free to play and is accessible to all Gala users. If you haven’t yet, you only need to create a Gala account, and then you can start playing Town Crush. Previously, Town Crush also had a May Mayhem challenge, with rewards that were also exclusive to Gala Gold members. If you plan to join any other Town Crush challenges in the future, you might want to consider purchasing a Gala Gold membership.