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Blockchain Brawlers Token Mining Ending; PvP Near

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Blockchain Brawlers, the first release from WAX Studios, prepares for the end of BRWL mining and the first phase of their WWE-style wrestling game. Next up, Blockchain Brawlers plans to introduce a new crafting feature that plays into the main PvP game. And that PvP game should arrive towards the end of Summer (northern hemisphere) 2022!

In the initial phase of Blockchain Brawlers, players have been staking their Brawlers and Rings to earn BRWL tokens. But the pool for BRWL tokens is rapidly shrinking. And once it’s gone, there are no more BRWL tokens to mine! In fact, if you have any Ring or Gear assets, you should use them now. Once the mining phase ends, they will have no use at all!

Though, of course, isn’t it just a business decision to make those assets useless? It doesn’t have to be that way, right? Right?


But anyway, Blockchain Brawlers has another NFT to sell you! It’s called a “BRAWL-O-SEUM Diamond” and it will be required for some an exclsuive crafting game that will come before the launch of PvP. In this game, players who own the Diamond NFTs will be able to craft special packs with moves and taunts for the Brawlers. They’ll have to spend resources and level up as part of making the packs. However, once, created, they can sell these packs on the marketplace.

And, only these players make and sell these items, making this part a true player driven economy. I imagine these Diamonds will be in high demand! The BRAWL-O-SEUM sale is set for July 19th with more info to be released on July 7th.

Aligned with this sale is the upcoming addition of a BRWL Store. This store allows for player to player sales using the BRWL token, and will apparently also host the offical NFT BRAWL-O-SEUM sale.

Series 2 Brawlers and PvP Mode

Blockchain Bralwers
Blockchain Brawlers

Also with the end of mining comes the closing of Series 1 crafting. Series 2 Brawlers are on the roadmap, but NFT crafting will be shut down for at least 30 days when the mining phase ends. Series 2 Brawlers are not as strong as Series 1, but they are meant as a way for new players to get into the game.

The PvP game for Blockchain Brawlers, designed by Richard Garfield, is nearly ready for release. Richard Garfield is best known for making a little card game called Magic: The Gathering. You may have heard of it. PvP mode in Blockchain Brawlers features two players going head to head, making choices that affect the outcome of the match. Presumably those cards from the BRAWL-O-SEUM will be important. They also hope to add a two-player, tag-team option in the future.

Set to launch at the end of summer 2022, the PvP game should also introduce additional use cases for BRWL tokens and Gold.

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Developed by WAX Studios, an offshoot of the official WAX organization, Blockchain Brawlers is an upcoming play to earn game. Looking like a mixture of WWE, Mexican wrestling, and cage match brawls, Blockchain brawlers brings some some wrestling zaniness to the gaming world.

Blockchain Brawlers is a play to earn game currently ending its first phase which mostly involved mining BRWL tokens. Now it prepares for a new crafting game, and the addition of an active PvP mode.

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