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Green Rabbit Race Updates

Green Rabbit Game

Green Rabbit, a 3D blockchain racing game built on Wax blockchain has announced its latest update containing new features and functionalities. The latest update includes Race Power-Ups, the introduction of armor attributes, standard races, Tortuga Token Store, Skins, Emotes, and much more. A Tournament mode will also be introduced in the game with exciting rewards for players.

Green Rabbit Phase 1

Race Power-Ups

In response to the feedback from the Green Rabbit community, Race Power-Ups have been introduced to tackle the problem of catching up after falling behind in a race.

Race Power-Ups are in-game items that will help you to boost your speed when you fall behind in a race. The Race power-ups will be divided into 3 categories – Defensive, Offensive, and Utility, based on the power-up strengths. One power-up from each category will be released in a beta version.

Armor Stats

In the upcoming updates, players will be able to equip 3D armors in races and fuse armor components. The Armor Stats are attributes of each armor used by a player. These attributes will be displayed at the beginning of the game. The armor attributes are an important factor that decides the armor’s performance. The basic attributes are Speed, Agility, Resilience, Strength, and Luck.

Other important upcoming features in Green Rabbit

Standard Races have been introduced. In standard races players will be able to use the $SHELL token to enter a race every thirty minutes. To participate in Standard Races Anima Armor will be required. Winners of each standard race will be awarded Tortuga Tokens. To purchase and use Tortuga Tokens, a Tortuga Token Store will be introduced where players can also buy in-game items.

An Apartment Customization System and Decoration Drops have been added where players will be able to add decorations and customize their apartments. Decoration Drops will include pack sales that will be hosted in the new Tortuga Token Store.

Green Rabbit Store

Skins and Emote are exciting features that are yet to come. Players can now equip skins won or bought from Tortuga Token Store. Emotes can also be purchased from Tortuga Store besides an Emote wheel functionality whose details will be published in detail by the developers.

Apart from these, a Full Daily Missions System has been added with a variety of missions to play. A new gameplay mode called Tournament Mode will be introduced in which weekend tournaments will be hosted. Players need to pay an entry fee to participate and can win exciting prizes on winning.

What is Green Rabbit Game?

Green Rabbit is a 3D racing game with a 3D environment and social interactions where players will be able to race and compete against other players. The game contains a Hub where you start the game. You have to equip special Anima armors for your character to increase your chances of winning the race. Players can jump, run and interact with other players in the Hub so you can think of it as a social gathering point in Green Rabbit. The game revolves around a place called Nanotopia world. You can explore the world and compete in races to win prizes including $SHELL tokens, NFTs, and in-game items.

Green Rabbit Game

The game is built on the WAX blockchain and the official token of the game is $SHELL or Shellinium. Players can stake Green Rabbit NFTs to earn Shellinium and can also earn them by winning games. Shellinium can be used to craft Greenprints which can then be used to craft Anima-Armor.

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