Win Ember Sword Land Plots in June

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Ember Sword brings us a month long campaign in June. One that offers 20 plots of land as prizes! Every week during the month, a different competition will be unveiled on their social media. Completing tasks earns points towards that week’s challenge, and also provides raffle tickets. Players can win land plots by finishing in first or second place during the weekly challenges, or with a lucky ticket draw during the raffle at the end of the month.

While Ember Sword has not yet held any large alpha or open beta, they do keep their community engaged with regular updates, art contests, and other activities. For the month of June, the team has lined up a series of competitions, with Solarwood land plots as prizes!

These upcoming contests share a theme of “Ember Sword’s World”, implying that you might want to read up on the lore and background stories! There will be four competitions in all, one each week. For every competition, there will be two winners, and a chance to earn up to 20 raffle tickets. The two top finishers each week receive a land plot. Meanwhile the raffle tickets accumulate for an end of the month drawing for the remaining twelve plots. So, even if you don’t manage to win an individual contest, there is still a chance to get lucky during the raffle draw!

The details for each competition won’t be revealed until right before they open. Keep on eye on Ember Sword’s Twitter and Discord for notifications. On June 1st, there will be a special site available with a list of all the tasks to complete.

Ember Sword lands are selling for just over 0.1 ETH at the moment, so a plot is a pretty nice prize. Once the game launches, land plots provide income to their owners based on player activity on the plot. The land NFTs currently exist on Polygon, but the Ember Sword team plans to move onto Immutable X for gas-free trading.

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What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a free-to-play, open world, fantasy game currently in development. Ember Sword offers PvP in the Outlaw Zones, as well as PvE options, including multiplayer dungeons. The game promises an MMORPG experience including nation-based resources with a caravan system, and collectibles, cosmetic items that can be traded and sold between players. The game also features a land ownership system. Land owners upgrade their lands to encourage visits by other players. Land plots exist as NFTs.

And though most in-game items won’t be NFTs, all collectibles will be limited edition and will also have historical records, making each item unique. The game runs in a class-less leveling system. Skills level up as you use them, unlocking new abilities along the way, allowing players to choose their own path.

The game features it’s own token, Ember. Ember lives on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. It is used for marketplace transactions, to purchase limited use consumables, or pay for subscription services. Though Ember Sword is free to play, they plan to offer perks for those willing to pay for a subscription. This could include things such as extra bank slots, exclusive titles, and collectible airdrops.

Ember Sword releases weekly updates every Wednesday on their Discord server, often showcasing new concept art and in-game screenshots.

Ember Sword Alchemist WIP images
Ember Sword Alchemist concept art
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