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Introducing Myria, Developer-Friendly Platform for Studios

Myria aims to develop free AAA games with advanced in-game tokenomics and NFT interoperability. The project also offers APIs and development toolkits to all studios wanting to join the web3 gaming revolution.

Coming from a fully doxxed team with decades of experience in gaming, Myria is a platform created by gamers for gamers, and their opening catalog already counts 6 titles – all clones of popular free-to-play hits. 

Myria is currently segmented into Myria for Developers, Myria for Gamers, and Myria Studios. The latter is their development studio, now working on the aforementioned games:

  • MetaRush: a fun party game, clone of Fall Guys; 
  • MetaKart: a car racing title, similar to Mario Kart;
  • Block Royale: fps shooting game, obviously taking inspiration from Battle Royale titles such as Fortnite; 
  • Starsike Legends: a great mixture of a MOBA and a Counter Strike clone; 
  • Moonwville Farms: farming games are everywhere; 
  • HotSlice Tycoon: cooking game, similar to Overcooked.

The company introduced itself on Medium on December 17th, 2021, and has never stopped publishing content on Medium and Twitter ever since. 

Myria Vision

The vision behind the project is to build a Steam-like experience for blockchain gaming, with the future release of the “Myria Launcher” alongside their other facilitators such as the Myria Wallet and Myria Marketplace.

By providing everything a player might need under one roof, Myria hopes to become the next Steam in web3. Just like Steam, their intention is to develop everything in-house and, once ready, sell their infrastructure to other studios to bring their games to life.

The long-term vision of Myria includes high utility for the assets of the ecosystem, which will all be usable on all games developed by Myria Studios and, possibly, their partners.

Myria Assets

Myria NFT Asset

Myria is similar to Gala Games in its basic infrastructure. They provide: 

  • Nodes: players can purchase them to join in the Myriaverse, get voting rights, tokens, and exclusive NFTs for helping the blockchain run; 
  • $MYRIA token: the main reward for nodes holder, and the in-game reward coin for win to earn activities; 
  • NFTs: all their NFTs will be interoperable NFTs, meaning you can use them inside the Myriaverse, regardless of the game you’re playing. This adds incredible utility and further enhances the value for holders.

Their first NFT, the “Sigil”, is free for all early adopters. You can claim yours here once they’re ready to release it. Make sure you follow their Discord for the announcement. 

According to their CMO, the Sigil is going to drop very soon. They confirmed the scoop on the most recent AMAs in May.

Myria Tokenomics

Myria Tokenomics

In spite of their great efforts on social media, and an aggressive recruiting campaign looking to hire dozens of people, the actual whitepaper for the Myriaverse is not ready yet. Hence, we don’t know much about the Tokenomics of the project. 

What we know is that the team is personally funded by the admins at the moment. There are no VCs, and the team is free to move on as they please for now.

They did hold a private sale for their nodes in Q2 2022, and plan to release the $MYRIA token soon. After the IDO, Myria will continue the fundraising by whitelisting ETH wallets of their members for a public sale of the Nodes.

Myria Nodes will likely cost around 3 ETH, and will run on most laptops or virtual machines. All operations will run on a custom Ethereum Layer 2 solution, and Myria will develop its own GameFi-focused blockchain. 

The Myria Blockchain will feature the $MYRIA token, gas-free transactions, and transfer options for data. The latter will be useful to maintain flexibility in games, running them off-chain, while still providing full ownership by replicating the data on-chain later on. 

Myria will profit by collecting gas fees from the marketplace, selling consultancy services and APIs/SDKs to other studios, and gathering masses of players in their launcher, which will then become an attractive avenue for developers to test their IPs.

Players will be rewarded for competing in their games through daily quests, objectives, and leaderboards. The games will all follow a “win to earn” approach to build a sustainable business.

In Conclusion 

Myria Conclusions

Myria still is, in part, a mystery. They’re one of the only projects without a Seed Round, and they’re still at the very beginning of their journey.

However, they already managed to get in touch and win the approval and private support of KOLs, such as Guilds (GGG, for example) and GameFi platforms. Their community is growing fast, and their game library is enticing. 

We’ll keep an eye on the projects in the coming weeks, waiting for their full roadmap and whitepaper. Until then, it could be worth following their news on Twitter.

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