Sulake to Launch Habbo X, the First Web3 Enabled Habbo Hotel

Habbo X will become the tenth Habbo Hotel since Habbo’s last launch in 2012, Habbo Turkey, a fully localized version for Turkish Speakers and the server will include play-to-earn mechanics.

The announcement comes after Sulake, recently acquired by Azerion, published 2 NFT Collections: Habbo Avatars and Habbo Portraits. Both collections are available on Open Sea and holding one will give players additional benefits in the upcoming Habbo X.

With a focus on NFTs, play-to-earn, and tokenomics, Habbo X will be a distinct space where the Habbo community and NFT communities can integrate, mingle, own their rooms, and create their own monetized play-to-earn games.

Habbo has always been at the forefront of creating virtual communities for social gamers and creators, and we want to spearhead this with the adoption of the new blockchain technologies,”

said Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake

Habbo X Assets

In the new Habbo X Hotel, players will be able to play for free or with their NFTs from the Avatars and Portraits collections. Even free-to-play players are able to earn NFTs.

Free NFTs will start with the same appearance. Players will need to buy clothing, portraits, or an NFT Avatar to make themselves look different. 

Characters will also come with an associated room. The room itself is an NFT, which comes in different sizes starting from small all the way up to XX-large. Habbo Avatar will come with a room included so the NFT has two NFTs in one: the avatar and the room. Selling the avatar will also sell the corresponding room.

NFT Avatars will enter the game with their avatar’s look, and NFT Portrait holders will likely have access to the outfit in-game.

In Habbo X room builders are able to use a vast collection of Habbo items for free. The aim is to give all room owners the furniture and tools so they can unleash their creativity

According to the introduction on Medium, the new Habbo Hotel will feature exclusive web3 furni like Twitter Feeds in chatterboxes, Discord Announcements, and small games that could attract other NFT communities like giveaways and quizzes. Habbo aims to partially replace Discord as the main source of engagement for web3 communities.

Habbo X Tokenomics

Habbo currently has two tokens, NFT Credits, and NFT Furni Credits. NFT Credits is the off-chain token. NFT Furni credits are on-chain NFTs that can be used to sell or transfer off-chain tokens.

In Habbo X, players will get an ERC-20 compatible token, which will likely be exchangeable on major DEX and CEX platforms. Sulake didn’t mention the name of the token, but it did give some insights into how it might work.

Players will be able to earn by playing mini-games, developed by the team or other players, completing daily quests, and creating great rooms they could resell through blueprints.

Blueprints are a special kind of NFT assets that won’t be minted but simply passed on to another player, which will then build the room following the blueprint and generate a new NFT composition.

Players can also create their own games and offer incentives to other Habbo users to engage with their room. This could happen in the form of giveaways or even complex gaming experiences built with the use of wired furni.


Habbo X is set to once again bring Habbo under the spotlight, and give the founders an opportunity to bring great innovations and fun to the play to earn market.

Their infinitely scalable room, unique gameplay style, and a retro taste that would fit the biggest share of the market for these games will help Habbo X become the success it deserves to be. 

The roadmap for the project is available here. The alpha and beta versions will only be available to NFT holders, but v1.0 of the game will be released to everyone else once ready. We can expect to see significant developments before the end of the year, given that the team started building from a solid and existing ground. Feel free to keep an eye on their Discord, official Website, and Twitter to never miss an update.

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