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GamerGains – Play and Earn Crypto by Playing your Favorite PC & Console Games

GamerGains Platform Details

GamerGains aims to bring play-to-earn to traditional games. The team recently announced that they completed a $5.8 million seed round led by Cadenza Ventures. Investors include FTX, BlockFi, Tiger Global, and Winklevoss Capital, to just name a few. This funding will help GamerGains launch and scale up their play-to-earn platform by serving thousands of gamers through PCs and Consoles.

What is the GamerGains Platform?

GamerGains Labs Inc. is a Miami-based comapny that aims to build a community of millions of people who enjoy playing games on PCs and consoles. GamerGains will help players earn crypto rewards through their gameplay without a digital wallet or previous crypto gaming experience. 

The platform is designed to benefit players who do casual gaming as well as advanced players who participate in eSports and tournament competitions. The platform has an easy interface that will allow players to earn crypto through an automated contest lifecycle with transparent and impartial features.

The company has decided its browser-based application will reward gamers with its official token $GAMER for playing AAA games like GTA V, Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Destiny 2, etc. The $GAMER token will provide exclusive access and features of GamerGains. Users need to connect their Xbox or Playstation account with the website to complete challenges and earn rewards.

What is GamerGains Platform

“Our vision for GamerGains is to combine our passion for traditional PC and console gaming with Web3 innovations, allowing gamers at all levels to play and earn through fair, transparent challenges, contests, and tournaments.”

Jon Brovda, Co-Founder and CEO of GamerGains

GamerGains will launch its beta version this spring for PC games and consoles later this year.

An Impressive seed funding round

On April 26, 2022, GamerGains announced that it had received $5.8 million in funding from a seed round led by Cadenza Ventures. High-profile tech and blockchain companies like FTX, Alumni Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Tiger Global, Lightbank, BlockFi, and others participated in this funding round. The round was also joined by Austin Rosen’s Electric Feel Ventures, the investment arm of this entertainment company that represents global superstars such as Post Malone.

GamerGains Gets $5.8 Million Seed Funding

“GamerGains possesses key elements we look for in an investment: a large addressable market, well-defined and compelling products or services with a clear competitive advantage, and an outstanding team.”

Max Shapiro, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cadenza Ventures

“The combination of gaming and Web3 presents exciting opportunities. GamerGains has demonstrated the clarity to focus on the most dedicated gaming enthusiasts with deep and durable communities.”

Kooshul Jhaveri, Investor, Tiger Global.

How to join the GamerGains Platform?

  • Visit the official website of GamerGains.
  • Find an option to enter your email and join the waitlist. You can increase your position on the waiting list by inviting more gamers to their discord server.
  • Link your Steam/PlayStation accounts to get started.
  • You can start earning crypto by completing challenges and playing games.
How to Start With GamerGains
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