Chainmonsters to Release Beta Phase 2 on April 26th

Chainmonsters Closed Beta Phase 2 Details

Chainmonsters, the upcoming Pokemon-like MMORPG, will soon open up the second phase of its beta version, while the Phase 1 beta closed on April 15. The game’s alpha and beta versions were available to players who had early access. Chainmonsters is developed by B-Side Games and is the most anticipated gaming project on the Flow blockchain.

New features in Beta phase 2

In Beta Phase 1, players could test the game on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC/Mac. The Chainmonsters team understood from the Phase 1 beta that players want to play new content simultaneously without delay on different platforms. For this to happen, the team needs to have a “Stress Test” scenario which means many players will play the game simultaneously. 

These “Stress Test” events will occur throughout the year and focus on multiple key mechanics and features like Open World battles, Story Quests, Dungeons, and Social and Friend Features. Access to these events will be unrestricted, and anyone with a game account will be able to participate. This gives the development team the chance to get maximum players playing simultaneously.

Chainmonsters Closed Beta Details

Beta phase 2 will focus on testing different aspects of the gameplay and platform. Phase 2 will also bring the participation rewards feature. As more and more players join the game’s testing, more rewards will be announced. The reward system has not been revealed yet by the developers.

What about Closed Beta Pass holders?

The closed beta pass holders will continue to receive access to various tests and activities throughout the year. Players who have the Closed Beta Pass will be given one-week early access to the main launch allowing them to experience the full game beforehand. Close Beta Pass holders will also gain early access to Phase 2 for a week.

Chainmonsters Beta phase 2 reveal

Phase 2 will be released on all platforms: Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Beta Phase 2 will be revealed on a live stream on April 26, 2022, you can tune in at 9 PM CET on the official Youtube channel of Chainmonsters.

Chainmonsters Gameplay Details

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based MMORPG game that is developed by B-Side games. The game initially ran on Ethereum Blockchain before it migrated to Flow Blockchain. Chainmonsters is one of the most extensively tested games in the blockchain gaming industry. It consists of NFTs that players can use to buy, sell or trade in-game assets on the Chainmonsters’ marketplace

There are 135 different Chainmons in the game, all of which have a unique set of traits and mutations. The game story takes place in the fictional world of Ancora, which is divided into eight islands. Players need to catch Chainmons and train or breed them. The game is similar to RPG Pokemon games, where players have to catch, battle, and train monsters.

Chainmonsters Beta Video Review

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