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Introducing Town Crush, the Gala Chain Test Game

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One week ago, Gala Games released Town Crush, their test game for the new Gala Chain. The game is accessible to all Gala users and is free to play. The goal for Gala Games is to test the new blockchain under load.

Town Crush is an obvious clone of Candy Crush. Your goal is to mix and match three items of the same type and score as many points as possible. The items are elements from Town Star, such as crops, fruits, or even special equipment and buildings. 

The game is divided into levels, and the developers didn’t specify how many levels there are. However, you can monitor all moves in the Gala Chain through the block explorer, so you might be able to find out by doing a little digging.

Town Crush uses a real, on-chain token named “TEST”. The token cannot be exchanged or traded, it’s not listed on any decentralized exchange, and will not have any monetary value. You will be asked to accept to hold it in your Gala Wallet, but that’s it – no other steps necessary. 

Once in the game, you will earn TEST by completing levels, and you can spend them buying more lives or “bombs” to clear out the goals faster. 

Gala Games already stated this is not a polished title they’d normally release, and it’s only meant to be a test for their upcoming Gala Chain. It’s designed to perform more operations than necessary on the chain and to stress it out as much as possible. 

The main objective of the game is to find all flaws before the public release of the chain. Players are encouraged, but not rewarded, to find bugs. This is an odd choice as a bug bounty reward system could have brought talented QA testers into the game.

“Gala Chain” is a dictionary name. The Gala Games team didn’t confirm the name of the blockchain, and right now it’s actually called Project GYRI. You can read more about Gala Games’ plans in our previous article about the Gala Chain.

How to Play Town Crush?

To play the game, you’ll first need a Gala Games account. Everyone can register, and the process is completely free. 

By opening an account, you enter the Gala ecosystem, and you can play their other games or sign up to the waitlist. At the moment, they only have Town Star live, the other games are yet to be released. 

In the marketplace, you can buy NFTs for upcoming games such as Mirandus, their most ambitious open RPG project. 

I tested the game, and here’s a little preview 

Although basic, the game runs smoothly and has all the main components of an addictive Candy Crush clone.

Considering it’s free and will not require you to pay any gas fees, testing it out could be the first step into the Gala Games ecosystem. Since everything is in test mode, you don’t even need to hold any $GALA or other tokens, and won’t be required to link up any browser wallet like MetaMask. And even if there is nothing to earn, it is always a good thing to be an early tester. We have seen in the past testers being rewarded with real tokens or NFTs. So if you are curious, just create your Gala account here and start playing!

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