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Impostors – Is Superfarm’s Social Deduction Game a Hit or a Bit Sus?

Impostors is a social deduction NFT Gaming project. Founded by YouTuber EllioTrades, a successful web3 influencer and builder with a large following on Twitter and YouTube, the game has seen massive success after its initial mint. Beyond some initial FUD, the community has been largely supportive of the project, and the floor price has risen as a result. So let’s see what the hype is all about and if Impostors can become an NFT gaming hit.

The project’s NFTs have seen massive success across the last week, despite early issues with the initial project reveal back in February of 2022. So what exactly is Imposters, and what can players and investors expect when looking at this project?

In the words of founder EllioTrades, “Imposters is more than a PFP, it’s a game, and I have every intention to turn it into a movement that will revolutionize the play to earn space.”.

Impostors is the first project of Superfarm, Ellio’s own venture in the NFT gaming space. You can read more about Superfarm in our article here.

Impostors Gameplay

The Impostors gameplay is akin to the massive game Among Us that exploded in popularity at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Selected randomly, players are either innocents or impostors. Impostors attempt to kill all players without being caught. Innocents eliminate impostors through a voting system. . 

While some may see this gameplay model as copying, it benefits Impostors in many ways. For example, their gameplay model has proven that it can have mass adoption and success in mainstream markets. The game was super popular with streamers, amplifying, even more, the hype around it.

Impostors tokenomics

Impostors will run on a dual-token economy with $SUPER and $BLOOD. Both tokens are ERC-20 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The governance token of Imposters is $SUPER, a token tied to SuperFarm, Ellio’s NFT gaming platform. Holders will be able to vote to decide where the game will move in the future.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find public information about the $SUPER tokenomics. We found for you the token distribution infographic below, but we would really like to see and read more informations about the project’s tokenomics, especially if the team is creating a DAO model.

$BLOOD is the earning token and the in-game currency. The only way to earn $BLOOD will be by staking your Impostors NFT or by playing and earning in the upcoming game.

$BLOOS token utility

The whitepaper doesn’t specify the total supply of the $BLOOD token, which is… ‘a bit sus’. The supply will likely be unlimited and the token emissions used to incentive players to stake and hold their NFTs.

You can read more about the tokens on the official Impostors whitepaper.

The Roadmap

Impostors Phase 1 Roadmap

The first phase of the Impostors roadmap ensures that the community behind the game never loses interest in game development and sales. Every two weeks, the roadmap highlights a new central NFT mint or drop of some kind – UFOs, Pets, Materials, and more. While the NFT mints have a clear timeline displayed, the target date for the closed beta release is still unknown, which seems, here again, a little sus… 

Phase 2 and phase 3 consist of an Open Beta Launch, the release of a Battle Pass, a Map Maker tool, Land Play, and a Game mode maker. No more details or target release dates are known so far for these 2 phases.

While we do not have specific details about the development team, Ellio ensured that he allocated a large part of the investment to hire a quality gaming studio and developers.

First Mint and early success on the secondary market

Imposters have been wildly successful across the last couple of weeks since its mint started. The initial impostor mint price was exactly 1 ETH per impostor minted.

In the last few days, the community has had the opportunity to see what their Impostors look like. The current floor of the Impostors Genesis Aliens collection sits at around 2.4 ETH. You can check out the collection on OpenSea.

Impostors Revealed!

This week, holders and investors will be able to stake their impostor on the official Play Imposters website. Holders staking Impostor NFTs will likely lead to a spike in floor prices once again. 

Here is Ellio announcing the NFT reveal and the upcoming staking mechanism

Final thoughts

With a huge community, the force behind the game is its founder, Ellio. The gameplay, vastly inspired by the social deduction game reference Among Us, is proven to be fun to play. Nevertheless, the first phase of the project is mostly based on multiple NFT sales. We still have to see the actual game development roadmap and see if the team can deliver something before players and investors get bored. The high price of the NFTs can limit the growth of the project but a free-to-play version will be available for the final release.

The NFTs and tokens both live on the Ethereum blockchain, with no scaling solution planned yet. Ethereum is a great platform, but not the most appropriate for gaming. We hope that the team will look into the different scaling solutions available.

While Impostors has some great potential and already has a huge community around the project and its founder, the team still has to prove that they will be able to produce a quality game that is worth the wait and the price of the NFTs they are selling to the players.