BlockchainSpace Introduces its Guild Partner Program

BlochchainSpace Guild Partner Program

BlockchainSpace, the platform that supports and helps scale up play-to-earn guilds in the metaverse, has announced a Guild Partner Program for blockchain gaming guilds. The program will supply new and established guilds with valuable tools, education, and financing to facilitate a connection between games and guilds.

What is BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program?

BlockchainSpace Guild Partner program will empower and connect play-to-earn guilds and gamers worldwide with the best tools they need for a unique gaming experience. BlockchainSpace considers that no guild is too small, and they deserve the same tools and resources. Therefore they have partnered with guilds worldwide through the Guild Partner Program.

BlochchainSpace Guild Partner Program Details

The guild partners consist of micro guilds (10–100 players; 97% of the total market), medium guilds (100–1,000 players; 2% of the total market), and macro guilds (1,000+ players; 1% of the market). With the help of this vast network, BlockchainSpace will bring them the best resources for scaling up a guild and tools for the communities.

They provide targeted testing for new gamers and narrow down testers based on gaming preferences, location, or guild size. When a game developer decides the target audience, BlockchainSpace integrates the Guild Partner Program to test run the game and provide feedback. Finally, they provide a comprehensive report for games to use for improving user experience and gameplay.

We’re proud to have all our GPPs, and we’re thankful that they see the value that we generate through our program — connecting guilds and games, providing game insights through our Kozo Dashboard, and helping them manage their guild through our Kaizen Guild Management System.

Jen Bilango, General Manager at BlockchainSpace

Perks of BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program?

  • Alpha passes to BlockchainSpace tools, research reports, and partner channels.
  • NFT badges.
  • Share in investment leads and invitation to private rounds.
  • Tailored BlockchainSpace guild management system solutions.
  • Discount packages or exclusive perks to any event sponsored by BlockchainSpace.
  • Whitelist opportunities, free in-game assets, and other NFT drops from any other game partner.
  • Preferential loan rates and terms, higher LTV ratio, or lower interest rates.
BlochchainSpace Partnership with Different Brands

Partnerships of BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace’s strategic partnership with mobile RPG play-to-earn game WonderHero earned it 100 starter packs containing NFTs that allowed 25 scholars to begin playing and earning. These NFTs were distributed to four guilds – Limitless Guild, Play4Change, Baby Moon Gaming House, and BlockchainSpace guild. 

The platform will host NFT giveaways and alpha passes from games like Tales of Ragnarok, Crypto Citizen, BitHotel, Infernoverse, Wanaka Farm, HeroesTD, Prometheus, Duelist King, and Dracoo Master. The seed investors of BCS are Animoca Brands, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Spartan Group.

What is BlockchainSpace?

BlockchainSpace is the Guild Hub of Metaverse that provides tools and assets to empower gaming communities or guilds and improve the play-to-earn ecosystem. The platform onboards guilds and players worldwide and helps scale them. Currently, they have over 20,000 guilds on their platform and 1.2 million players across three different games Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Pegaxy. $GUILD is the native token of BlockchainSpace that you can utilize for gaming and transactions for guilds and investors.

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