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A First Look at My DeFi Pet

My Defi Pet banner

My Defi Pet is a creature breeding and raising game that runs on both Binance and Kardia blockchains. In My Defi Pet, players raise creatures, grow crops, and join mass fights against boss monsters for rewards in the form of Elixir potions. These can be used to upgrade Pets or converted directly into DPET, the game’s primary token. Despite being around for a while, we haven’t covered this game before. So let’s take a first look at My Defi Pet!

My Defi Pet Pet

As you might imagine, the core feature of My Defi Pet are the Pets. Players can either purchase eggs to hatch their own Pets, or buy Pets directly from the market. When placed in Cages, Pets generate income in the form of Silver coins. Silver is used for upgrading Cages and growing Food. Food is used for feeding and leveling up Pets. The Food requirement increases with each level. So we have a basic gameplay loop of Pet-> Silver-> Food -> level up Pet. Once Pets reach level 10, they can evolve into stronger versions of themselves with updated looks. Evolving a Pet costs three DPET, the game’s official token.

Buying Eggs costs three DPET, breeding five. Or for those who want a quicker start, you can always buy Pets from the official Marketplace. New Pets come with random attributes. Some, such as Wings and Glows, are rarer than others.

As players do things in-game, they level up. At each level, players receive material rewards and higher levels unlock more Farms for growing Food.

Spirits, Boss Fights, and Arena Battles

My Defi Pet Fire Spirit
boost your Pet with a Fire Spirit

Disassemble Pets and receive Spirits, which provide bonuses when attached to a Pet. Each Pet can hold up to six Spirits, and certain Spirit combinations provide extra bonuses. Unequipping and upgrading Spirits costs Potions, which are earned in the Boss fights. Upgrading also uses more Spirits, creating a use case for continued Pet production. Pet rarity doesn’t seem to matter when disassembling, though Evolved Pets offer two random Spirits instead of one.

Boss fights pop up periodically. The game shows a countdown timer for when the next one will appear. You can only send in one Pet per round, but since it takes numerous rounds and thousands of Pets to defeat a Boss, you’ll have multiple opportunities to join each Boss fight. Joining a Boss fight costs Food. Players earn Elixir during Boss encounters based on how much damage their Pets do. So to get the most out of it, send the strongest Pets on your team into battle!

My Defi Pet Arena
My Defi Pet arena combat

Currently in testing, players also have the option of participating in Arena mode. Arena mode is a auto-battler mode, where interested players set up Pets in attack and defense teams. Each team holds up to 20 Pets, and each Pet can only be assigned to one team. When you go out looking for a battle, your attack team fights the opponent’s defense team. And vice-versa as other people play. So while a strong attack team may help you move up the rankings, without a good defense as well, you’ll fall down the ranks just as quickly. It’s not clear if there will be any actual rewards during this testing phase.


My Defi Pet is currently undergoing a renovation of sorts. New cage types are coming — keyed to specific elements. We’ll also have some sort of expedition feature to find food and building materials, as well as an official release of the Arena mode. The game has received some criticism for slow updates. But the Defi Pet team plans to release a new build soon. This includes back-end server improvements, and updates to Arena mode.

Getting started is relatively cheap. DPET tokens cost about 40 cents at the moment, and you can pick up Epic level Pets for under $2 USD. It is a game that you will want to check on throughout the day. Cages and crops need to be harvested regularly. And joining Boss fights requires being logged in at the right times.

Despite the name, there doesn’t seem to be any defi aspect to the game, current or planned. Not even a liquidity staking pool, which seems to be a pretty standard offering these days. The game runs on both Binance Chain and Kardia chain.

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