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My Neighbor Alice 2022 Roadmap Update

My Neighbor Alice Roadmap Announcement

My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer land-building and farming game based on the Chromia blockchain, has announced the roadmap for 2022. Starting from Q2, the roadmap includes exciting milestones, activities, and incentives for token holders and players. The first season of My Neighbor Alice will be launched later in Q2 2022. 

My Neighbor Alice does not have a mobile version, though in July 2021 they released Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a mobile companion game to this building adventure game. In the previous year, they also partnered with The Sandbox to bring some of their game characters into the voxel universe. Now it’s time to see what new plans the developers will implement in 2022. 

My Neighbor Alice 2022 Roadmap

In the 2022 roadmap, the developers will focus into developing art, components, and characters.

My Neighbor Alice will also plans transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the future. This means there will be no central authority to control the game’s direction and that the community will have voting powers.

The My Neighbor Alice team has recently expanded to meet the long-term build quality standards and improve their development process. The executive team has started working on an updated project plan with a realistic timeline and incremental milestones.

My Neighbor Alice world, which is currently in a testnet environment, will soon see the game’s completion and mainnet or public launch. The roadmap lists several “Alpha Seasons.” Each season will have upgrades, incremental improvements, and additional components until the full release.

My Neighbor Alice Roadmap From Q2 2022

Roadmap Details Q2 2022 Onwards

  • Q2 2022: Land Sale along with the introduction of Alpha Season 1
  • Q3 2022: Land Sale and introduction of a companion app for My Neighbor Alice
  • Q4 2022: Land Sale
  • TBD 2022: Alpha seasons will continue and land resources will be announced
  • TBD 2023: Land sale and Alpha seasons continues. In-game partnerships will be announced with the introduction of Beta Season

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain-based building and framing game where players can own and buy virtual islands and meet friends while building and collecting items. The game comprises two worlds – one where players can experience the gameplay, and the other has an ecosystem for players who want to trade and buy NFTs. 

The farming-themed play-to-earn game is built on the Chromia blockchain. It was founded by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive mobile game studio previously known as SVRVIVE Studios. The game was launched on Steam in January 2021.

My Neighbor Alice Land Building Game Gameplay
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