OpenSea to Add Solana NFTs

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Already the go-to marketplace for many NFTs on the Ethereum network, OpenSea announced plans to expand to the Solana blockchain as well. This will bring the number of supported blockchains for OpenSea up to four. In addition to Solana, OpenSea already supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn.

Open Sea brings its considerable bulk to the Solana blockchain. Solana already supports several established NFT markets such as Magic Eden, Fractals, and FTX. They might need to step up their game a bit to compete with the industry leader! We’ll see which NFT markets can provide the right features to maintain their userbase and continue to grow in the face of pressure from additional competition pushing into their space.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a text announcement with any details. Just a teaser video posted to Twitter. A number of projects have also begun tweeting about their partnerships with OpenSea for the Solana launch. Some of the announced launch partners include Portals, Solana Monkey Business, Zoolana, Bonfida, Baby Ape Social Club, Cave World, and Solarians.

Any Solana projects who are not yet partnered with OpenSea can fill out the Partner Request Form. This is not a requirement, as in a few weeks, all Solana projects become automatically eligible for listing. But being a Partner provides a chance to get in early and possibly other benefits.

Aside from that, we don’t know which wallets will be supported or when in April the launch might be. Though apparently some Internet sleuths have discovered indications back in January that Phantom wallet would be accepted.

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About Solana

Created in 2017, Solana is a proof of staking blockchain, built to rival Ethereum and provide more transaction throughput. Solana has gained quite a bit of traction over the past couple of years, becoming a major hub for NFTs and decentralized finance. A growing number of dapps are building on the Solana ecosystem.

Even though the Solana blockchain is already fairly well known in the crypto world, this could be a huge boon for both ecosystems. Valued at over $13 billion, OpenSea’s popularity and name recognition will only bring more eyes onto Solana. And OpenSea gets to take a chunk of trading fees from Solana’s growing NFT scene.

Considered to be the second largest NFT blockchain market, Solana has had some recent growing pains. Including times where the network was offline for several hours! Despite those setbacks, the Solana community continues to grow. We’ve covered a few Solana projects, including DeFi Land, Star Atlas and Genopets. But to be honest, I know we’re missing a lot more.

If you know of any play to earn games on Solana that we should look at, please jump on our Discord and let us know!

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