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Ascenders Releases Its First Free-To-Play Demo With a 1 Million $AGC Prize Pool

Ascenders sci-fantasy open-world action RPG

Ascenders, the upcoming sci-fantasy open-world action RPG game powered by Avalanche blockchain made a big announcement on March 22, 2022 during the Avalanche Summit. Jackson Poon, CEO of Legendary Foundry Limited annonced the immediate release of their first free-to-play combat challenge with a 1 million $AGC tokens for grabs.

Ascenders is an open-world story-driven game with a decentralized player-driven economy to deliver a new ARPG (Action Role-playing Game) experience. The game is powered by Avalanche blockchain and features a dual token economy and NFTs created by players. The Ascenders ecosystem consists of various opportunities for competition and trade. Players can choose from various play-to-earn roles and specialize in them with its challenges and resources.

In Ascender, you can explore new dungeons, discover resources, build their land and engage in combat. The game is based on a player-driven economy where players have full control over the supply and demand of resources inside the game.

The game story takes you through two worlds, namely Overworld and Dungeons.

  • Overworld: The Overworld contains different terrains with its features, different challenges, resources, and enemies. Players can explore the Overworld for resources that can be used to mint NFT items. Certain areas demarcated in the Overworld map indicate NFTs that allow landowners to create buildings visible to other players.
  • Dungeons: The Dungeons serve as periodic tournaments that allow players to compete on PvEvP leaderboards for rare and valuable resources. Players can explore deep dungeons to get rewards that can be used to mint NFT items. The dungeons are filled with enemies, and they need clearing out before it is safe for the community to begin construction. Players have to use their combat skills here to obtain rich rewards.
Ascenders sci-fantasy open-world action RPG

Game Economy

The Ascenders game focuses on decentralization and players’ lanes. So, all functional NFT items such as equipment, armor, resources are minted by players at buildings created by players who own their land. The resources have also been divided among the “economic lanes.” Some types of resources can be found only in dungeons, whereas some can be found only in the Overworld.

Players can specialize in dungeon farming or trade with other players to acquire resources. This system creates opportunities for trading inside the game that strengthens the game economy. This gives freedom for players to choose whether they want to fight, explore or build.

Player Lanes

As the Ascender economy is divided into economic lanes, each lane has its features such as gameplay, resources, and rewards. There are three lanes Explorer Lane, Fighter Lane, and Builder Lane.

  • Explorer Lane: The resources players collect in this lane can only be found in the Overworld. This lane is for players who enjoy farming, collecting, and steady progress. Players can harvest resources from the Overworld or collect rewards for finishing the story campaign.
  • Fighter Lane: Competitive Players who enjoy being on top of the leader board can choose this lane. They can combat, attack dungeons, search for rare resources, and chase leaderboards. The resources they win can be found in the dungeon only.
  • Builder Lane: Players who like to own land, trade in the market, and build their land can choose this lane. Players can mint NFT items like swords and armor to defend the land and grow resources.
Ascenders Player Lanes Details

Tokens in Ascender Game

The two main tokens of the Ascenders Ecosystem are the Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) governance token and the Glow Gems (GG) currency token.

  • AGC Token: The $AGC Token is the main governance token of the Ascenders game and is the engine that powers the Ascenders ecosystem. Players use it to participate in important gameplay and direction decisions via the Ascenders Decentralized Autonomous Organization (ADAO), a Decentralized organization that governs aspects of game operations and future development.
  • GG Token: GG Token is a utility token used for economic activities like building construction, crafting upgrades, item minting, and others. GG is used to reward player engagement with the game’s story, tournaments, quests, and world events.
Ascenders In Game Currency

What are Land Parcels?

A land parcel is an ownable piece of land in the Ascenders Overworld. Each land parcel is unique, with different sizes, layout resources, and terrain. Land parcels vary in size from small estates to vast Sovereign lands. These provide a passive resource income to the landowners. The larger the land parcel, the more space for the building will be available. Landowners can build or upgrade:

  • Weapon and Armor smiths
  • Silos and refineries for resource production
  • Hospitals, temples, and fast travel portal
  • Local marketplaces in the form of Player-managed shops
  • Guildhalls which act as social hubs

Ascenders’ free-to-play version and rewards for grabs

The first Ascenders event is the Combat Challenge “Be the Best,” consisting of a one-month leaderboard and one million $AGC prize pool. The Combat Challenge is a timed attack against enemies within the Ascension region. You have to explore this area and defeat enemies, break containers to collect score orbs, and also, if you get hit, you lose the orbs that you collect. The players with high scores will be displayed on the global leaderboard.

Ascenders Free to Play and Earn Rewards Events

The combat challenge is available for PC and Mac on the official website. The challenge will last for one month. At the end of the event, the leaderboard will be finalized, and the top 100 players will be rewarded with the governance token $AGC. There is another event, “Hash and Tweet.” You have to share and tweet something creative about the game to get a chance to win the $AGC token.

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