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First Look at MetalCore – Upcoming MMO Space Combat Game

MetalCore banner

MetalCore is an open-world first-person space combat game built with Unreal Engine 4. MetalCore will offer PvP battles, Cooperative PvE fights, and open-world clashes. Select mechs, ground vehicles or aircrafts and battle through air and group vehicle skirmishes across a harsh, metal-rich planet.

The game’s story revolves around a civil war that has broken out across the Solar Empire. Due to this chaos, new technology emerges that allows humans to colonize worlds outside their star system. Several spaceships begin their journey towards a new star called TRM-175 “Kerberos” and finally arrive at the metal-rich planet after a thousand-year journey. Now they have to fight and live on this alien planet with extreme consequences.

MetalCore is the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat game powered by Immutable X.

“Immutable is thrilled to back the team and vision of MetalCore. We’re passionate about exceptional game development, robust economics, and game systems that deliver more value than ever into the hands of players. The MetalCore team has the experience and vision to continue expanding the boundaries and deliver something genre-defining.”

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable.

MetalCore Gameplay

  • Barony System: The game has something called a Barony System in which you can rent or borrow vehicles of your faction to fight and reap the rewards on their behalf.
  • Faction War: You can choose your side and wage war against the rest. There are factions, namely despotic Gearbreakers, theocratic Holy Corporation, or anarchic Metalpunks.
  • The Garage: You can craft vehicles in your garage, and they will belong to you only as they are NFTs. You can ride them, sell them or loan them.
  • Mechanized Combat: Select mechs and ground vehicles and use them in your battles across the metal-rich planet.
Metalcore Kerberos Planet

The team behind MetalCore

The company was founded in 2021 by Matt Candler, Dan Nikolaides, and Vic Lopez. The team is composed of about 40 people, including concept artists, blockchain engineers, and game developers. They have partnered with Epic Games for specific parts of the game and have advisors who have worked with Umbrella Network. Stephane Martiniere, the Hugo Award winner concept artist who worked on Magic the Gathering, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, God of War, and Sky is also part of this solid team.

MetalCore’s development team has experience at Activision, Disney, Lucas Films, Midway, and on projects such as the MechWarrior 2 franchise, Mortal Kombat, and Gears of War.

MetalCore raised $15 Million from private token and NFT Sales

On March 9, 2022, the MetalCore Foundation announced that it had raised  $15 million in a private token and NFT sale. They have now announced the completion of funding. Leading purchasers BITKRAFT Ventures and Delphi Digital were joined by Immutable, Sanctor Capital, Animoca Brands, Youbi Capital, Bitscale, Umbrella, and a number of leading gaming guilds

Metalcore NFT Game

The recent trend of gaming giants funding NFT games, hints at more and more AAA titles coming up in the coming years. This trend of AAA quality NFT games is  very important to bring mass adoption and traditional onboard gamers in NFT gaming.

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