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F1 Delta Time Unable to Renew its License and Stops All Operations

F1 Delta Time

The announcement just dropped that Animoca Brands’ flagship motorsport title, F1 Delta Time, is stopping all its operations. Formula One licences are extremely expensive and the competition is fierce. The team was not able to renew its current licence and is now forced to completely stop the game.

F1 Delta Time is part of Animoca Brand’s REVV Motorsport ecosystem which include MotoGP Ingnition, Formula E: High Voltage, REVV Racing and torque Drift. But securing licensing for top motorsport franchises is not an easy task, even for Animoca Brands.

What does it mean for the F1 Delta Time holders and players?

First, the team declared in their Medium article that they will support the current owners of assets and that they will be rewarded for their loyalty and support.

Every F1 Delta Time assets owner will have the following options

  • Receive replacement cars for REVV Racing. The replacement cars will have similar rarity and power of the original F1 cars.
  • Swap your cars for a Race Pass which can be staked to get access to upcoming mints and airdrops.
  • Holders of a Race Pass and REVV Racing assets will be able to stake their assets with a reward pool of 20 million REVV.
  • 2019 Crates and 2020 Keys can be bridged to Polygon and staked into a SHRD earning pool. Crates and Keys can also be opened to take advantage of the other options offered.
  • Swap your assets for Proxy Assets of similar value and utility within the REVV Ecosystem.
  • Event Segments and Track Vouchers will receive monthly REVV payments equal to the average payments per month based on the March to December 2021 data.
REVV Racing Legendary Cars

Assets Swap Timeline

The full swap offerings will be launched on April 30th. The swap will be open for a 3 month periods closing on July 31st. We might be getting further announcements until then, so stay tuned and follow closely the team’s announcements if you own F1 Delta Time Assets.

Licences in NFT and play-to-earn games

Owning the rights for a sport or brand franchise is definitely a plus for any title. But these licences need to be renewed on a yearly basis. And nobody can guarantee that these licences can or will be renewed. We see here the risk for such licensed titles. While player own their gaming assets, these assets utility depends on the renewal or not of the license they are using. The Animoca Brands team is doing their best to compensate players, but this might not be the case for smaller projects unable to renew their licenses. So stay safe out there and do a proper research before investing in licensed assets.