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Reta Wars Announces Main Game Mechanics and a Second NFT Presale

Reta Wars

Reta Wars announced how the three main mechanics of the game: heroes, territory, Reta Wars will function in the actual game. Also, they confirmed an airdrop on Gleam ending the 22nd of March with tasty rewards.

Reta Wars is back in the game after a successful first round of presale, focusing on development and marketing to make the game a success. The second round of presale is set to start soon and will feature new heroes.

If you want to get a chance at playing for free with a premium NFT, join the Gleam competition. Prizes also include a whitelisted BSC to participate in early access phases.

Additionally, Reta Wars’ developers, Realital, announced for the first time a hefty package of details regarding heroes, territories, and the daily Reta War.

Reta War – The daily warfare between Nate and Gaia

The Reta War is a large-scale war simulation between Gaia and Nate (the two countries) Gods wanting to compete to become the God of the Gods. Reta Wars are the biggest play-to-earn content of the game, and, as a result of the battle, players will earn Gold Rose tokens, resources, and access to more plots of land.

To create a profile, players must choose one of the two nations on the screen. You can review various details, such as the average winning ratio and recent outcomes, before choosing a faction. Imgine two DAOs fighting for supremacy, that is what Reta Wars is. Although not impossible, it is difficult to change your mind once you’ve made a decision, so proceed with caution.

During the war, You can’t directly control the hero, but you can watch the troops you support in action. The winning faction will receive 75% of the victory reward, and the losing faction will receive 25%.

In order to ‘win’ or occasionally ‘lose’ a battle, players must support the faction supplying resources gathered in their territory. This includes resources obtained from mines, lumber mills, and farms. You may examine the resources you’ve contributed for the day on the faction screen, as well as the overall number of supplies gathered in your faction thus far.

Once the resources are gathered, all players in the faction will vote on the battle forming setup: deploy strong back, deploy strong front, deploy strong middle. The enemy has no way of knowing which formation has been chosen.

Depending on the outcome of the daily Reta War, you can begin the invasion and occupation. The victorious faction can take up two squares of land, while the losing faction can only take up one square.

Occupying resource lands brings an advantage to PTE revenue. For example, all players belonging to the faction occupying the wood tile will increase their wood production. Strongholds, such as temples and shrines offer various advantages to factions. Land occupation is decided by a voting system internal to the winning faction.


Reta Wars Heroes

As of now, heroes acquired through presale get 2% of the token allocation if staked. However, they will be fundamental in each part of the gameplay.

Each hero will have 5 Stats and 5 Skills, all randomly determined when they are first created, and their final ability is determined by their rarity. No hero is designed to excel in every way. 

When a hero is first created, their rarity is randomly determined. It is divided into five levels, from Common to Legendary. The higher the rarity, the greater the sum of Stats and Skills. 54% of heroes are common, 30% uncommon, 15% rare, 0.99% epic, 0.01% legendary.

Stats are the basic abilities of a hero. Here’s the one we know will be present in-game: 

VitalityAn indicator of the hero’s maximum HP. 
StrengthThe physical attack power in combat. It also affects the results of all production activities such as Mining, Logging and Farming. In particular, it has a significant impact on Mining and Logging.
AgilityThe chance to critically strike during combat. It also affects the results of Mining and Logging.
IntelligenceIt represents the magic attack power in the battle. It also affects the results of all production activities such as Mining, Logging and Farming. In particular, it has a significant impact on Farming.
LuckyLevel up has a higher chance of success and provides more souls when dismantled. Best of all, it excels when the hero is deployed as a spy in a secret base.

A hero’s skill is an indication that decides which field a hero can have the biggest influence in. The following is a list of the skills that will be offered:

CombatHeroes placed in the barracks are affected by this skill level. The influence of strength and agility determines the hero’s Combat Point (CP). In particular, the higher the strength, the greater the CP
MiningIt affects the mining ability of the hero when he is placed in the mine. Mining Points (MP) are determined by strength and agility.
LoggingIt relates to the ability of a hero to produce lumber when he is placed in the Lumber Mill. The Logging Point (LP) is determined by strength, agility, and intelligence. You will get better results especially when the hero has high strength.
FarmingFood production capacity when the hero is placed on the farm. It is affected by Strength and Intelligence, but here Intelligence is particularly important.
CraftingGives the best results when crafting

You can place your Heroes anywhere on your territory, but the best results are obtained when you understand and utilise your Hero’s ability to profit more from your terrains and contribute to the Reta War. Stats and skills determine how useful the hero will be for your territory and for the War.


Reta Wars Territory

When starting a new game, all players will receive a Territory. All land is distributed equally, and there’s no land play on the horizon.

The territory is a space equipped with the core facilities of the game such as production facilities and barracks. As a commander, it’s your job to nurture it and make it profitable.

Resources gathered in your territory can be sold for money or contributed to the Reta War. Keep in mind you could get more resources than the ones you contributed if the faction you belong to wins the daily competition.

Each territory can produce wood, ore, and food, respectively from the lumber mill, mine, and farm. All of them are necessary to upgrade buildings and build new facilities.

Additionally, territories can have buildings where heroes can train to perform specific tasks in the Reta War. For example, they can increase the Morale of other heroes by training in the barracks, and keep military secrets if deployed in secret bases.

Commanders can upgrade their territory and buildings to store more resources, hire more heroes, and build a more solid infrastructure.

Everything you contribute to your faction will determine the size of the faction’s army. Winning the war is your main goal as a commander.

About Reta Wars

Reta Wars is a simulation game running on the Binance Smart Chain that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance.

In Reta Wars, players deploy their heroes in equally distributed territories to gather resources from lumber mills, mines and farms. Territories can have additional utilities and building to train heroes and serve their faction.

On a daily basis, two factions representing Gods fight for becoming the “God of Gods”. Players must choose which faction to support, and provide support in terms of resources, combat power and intelligence to their faction. The winning faction receives resources and Rose Gold Tokens.

You can find all the latest announcements on the Reta Wars website, by following the official twitter account and by joining the Discord community.

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