Video Tour of The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 and Rewards System Update

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

At the beginning of March, The Sandbox launched their Alpha Season 2. This season is free-to-play and available to anyone to join on PC and Mac computers. Players complete different quests in order to level up and earn tickets to enter the Alpha Season 2 Pass raffle and earn SAND tokens.

In today’s video, our host Bruno introduces The Sandbox land map, explains the play-to-earn mechanics for this Season and wonders around the quests already available.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Rewards System

As you complete quests, you will level up and earn raffle tickets for a chance to win the Season 2 Alpha Pass. This pass is the key for you to earn Sand Rewards. Players can earn up 500 tickets via questing.

NFT holders receive a flat amount of tickets based on the NFTs. Thirty tickets each for holding a Season 1 Alpha Pass, a Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass, or a Snoop Dogg Early Access Pass.

Landowners receive 40 tickets per land, up to a maximum of 200 tickets. And anyone who participated in Season 1 and provided feedback gets 10 tickets. Holder tickets max out at 500, meaning each wallet can have 1000 tickets at most.

Lottery drawing will be held on March 31st at 7pm UTC and winners contacted via email (be sure to always double-check the links!). A total of 1,000 Alpha passes will be minted for the raffle. Nor if the amount of Quests completed affects the SAND reward. Base reward is 500 SAND, with bonuses for the total amount of mSAND (SAND token, but on the Polygon network) staked. This bonus can reach 100%. So, there is a potential for every winner of the Season 2 Pass to receive 1000 SAND, worth over $3K USD!

Another way to earn an Alpha Pass is by participating in the daily social contests on Twitter. You will have to take a specific screenshot in the game and post in on twitter via this dedicated page on The Sandbox Website. 1,000 additional Season passes will be minted for the social contests winners.

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