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Crazy Defense Heroes Adds Tower Map NFT Rewards

Animoca Brands, the creator of Crazy Defense Heroes, has recently announced the new play-to-earn rewards for March and April. The reward pool will be upgraded to 1,800,000 TOWER tokens per month in March and April 2022. Besides TOWER tokens, players will also be able to earn Tower Map NFTs.

TOWER Tokens reward pools for March and April

The reward pools for March and April are divided into three categories:

  • Tier 1: You must gain a minimum of 315,000 XP in a month to start earning Tower Tokens to be eligible to earn from the Tier 1 Reward pool.
  • Tier 2: You must gain a minimum of 450,000 XP in a month to start earning Tower Tokens. You can gain a share of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards.
  • Tier 3: You must gain a minimum of 600,000 XP to earn TOWER tokens from all the 3 Tiers.

An important point to note is that players must gain a minimum of 315,000 avatar XP within each month to be eligible to earn TOWER tokens. For example, if your current XP is 200,000, you will need 200,000 + 315,000 = 515,000 XP to earn from March’s Tier 1 Reward pool. You can earn TOWER tokens from both XP Gain and Daily Star Chest events.

Crazy Defense Heroes Tower Map NFT

Tower Map is an NFTs will let you unlock different levels of exclusive Game Maps and will boost your in-game rewards. All Tower Map NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon network and will be tradable on OpenSea. More information about the utility of these NFTs will be published in the future.

The Tower Map NFTs come in 4 different levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Daily Star Chest Rewards

The daily Star Chest event will continue in March and in addition to TOWER tokens, you will now be able to earn TOWER Maps NFTs by opening a Star Chest in the mobile game and checking in on the Tower token website.

The total number of TOWER tokens and Tower Map NFTs you collect will depend on how many days you have completed check-ins on the website and how many days you have opened a Star Chest in Crazy Defense Heroes. You can earn a total of 28 TOWER tokens and a Common Map NFT if you open a Star Chest and complete at least one check-in on any seven days in March 2022.

You do not need to check-in continuously for seven days; instead, you can check in on any day, but the total check-ins should be 7. In the best case, you can collect a total of 406 TOWER tokens and 4 TOWER Map NFTs in March 2022.

Star Chest rewards

The Crazy Defense Heroes server time is set in UTC. The Star Chest cooldown period lasts for 16 hours. You can only check-in once, but you can open 2 Star Chests within the same day.

The full details of the new reward system can be found on the official medium post here.

What is Crazy Defense Heroes?

Crazy Defense Heroes is an RPG-style tower defense game based on collectible cards, chests, and rewards. It has over 2 million downloads and 75,000 unique active wallets. Players have to defend the towers, take part in weekly challenges, defeat bosses, and create clans that allow you to chat and play the game with your friends and participate in Clan Quests. There are over 400 Towers, spells, and collectible cards with 1000 levels to conquer. 

The game allows users to use the NFTs to earn TOWER tokens and participate in tournaments. Tower holders will also be able to submit and vote on proposals for games in the Crazy Kings franchise. Defend your kingdom from enemies and lead your army to win battles.

The exact amount of TOWER tokens earned by you from the pools will depend on the final number of players who link their crypto wallet to their user ID at the official website
Crazy Defense Heroes is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. The game’s PC version is under development and will be the newest entry in the game franchise. The new game will allow users to use their Crazy Kings franchise NFTs, earn TOWER Tokens by playing, and participate in various activities such as tournaments.

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