Animoca Brands Acquires Grease Monkey Games

Animoca Brands doesn’t seem to slow down its expansion. They just announced the acquisition of indie game maker Grease Monkey Games, a studio specialized in motorsport titles.

Greasse Monkey Games

Grease Monkey Games was founded in 2013 as a contract-based developer for global car manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, GM and Toyota. In 2014 they started developing their own games including Torque Burnout and Torque Drift. These two games alone account for 45 million downloads across mobile and PC. The studio has an extensive portfolio of licensed automobile manufacturers which allows them to use real brands and vehicles in their products.

With this acquisition, the studio will continue to develop their current and upcoming titles. They are currently developing a major cross-platform racing game built in Unreal Engine 5. With Animoca Brands now onboard, we can expect to see NFTs and play-to-earn features being added to the studio’s existing and future titles.

Torque Drift and Torque Burnout totalize 45 million downloads

With the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, Animoca Brands is already well invested in motorsport games and this new acquisition will surely benefit the REVV Racing titles, adding vehicle licensing on top of the already prestigious Formula 1 and MotoGP licenses.

Animoca Brands is incredibly thrilled to welcome Grease Monkey Games, a team that has experience in developing AAA gaming titles and shares our vision for the open metaverse and, more specifically, for our own REVV Motorsport. Grease Monkey Games not only adds exciting titles to our catalog, but it also significantly enhances our development capabilities.

Yat Siu – co-founder of Animoca Brands
The REVV Motorsport Ecosystem

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