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Town Star Announces New Farms Will Start with a Free Storehouse

Town Star Storehouses

From now on, every new town in Town Star will have a Storehouse already on the board. This dramatically reduces the time necessary to build a functioning farm and makes it easier for new players to avoid unnecessary restarts.

Town Star is the flagship GALA Games’ title, and it’s also one of the few PTE games that’s been live for over a year now. 

Every new game in Town Star starts with a single goal in mind: getting to Gasoline Production as soon as possible. 

The amount of Gasoline you get at the beginning of your journey is set and won’t increase. In short: if you don’t produce Gasoline, you’ll go bankrupt after a few hours of gameplay and will need to start over. 

Previous to this update, Players also had to rush to get a Storehouse.

what is a storehouse in Town Stars

All resources, from the most basic crops to the highest tier crafted goods, must have space in a dedicated storage unit. If no storage space is available when a good is produced, that good is exploded on the street in a wasteful and tragic display.

The Storehouse is not only the most expensive storage building ($20,000 in-game), but it also stores the greatest number of different goods. A single unit can store Eggs, Milk, Wool, Butter, Batter, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Cake, Baguette, Candy Canes, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon.

With the Storehouse out of the road to success, a lot of new players will find starting their production of higher tier goods, such as Sugar, Flour, or Eggs, a lot easier. This is essential to generate a cash flow sufficient to create Gasoline Production.

For a full list of goods and the respective resell value, consult the official spreadsheet.

What does it mean for Town Coin and Play to Earn Mechanics

Back in September 2021, Gala Games announced the release of Town Coin, ERC-20 compatible token players can earn by placing NFTs in the game.

The token can’t be exchanged for GALA tokens, but can be traded on decentralized exhcanges providing liquidity for the TOWN coins.

Town Star is, by default, a free-to-play game but players without any NFT won’t be able to earn claim TOWN tokens.

In the Weekly Competitions, the top 400 players that built the most efficient farms will receive a prize in GALA. Rewards range from 200 GALA up to 5,500 for the top player.

The Weekly Competitions are free to join and don’t require any NFT. You can play and win with free in-game items only.

With the introduction of new PTE mechanics, players can now earn outside of the Weekly Competition in Casual Servers. However, you need to own NFTs and a Season Pass to earn Town Coins. The Season Pass for the current Season is free.

The number of NFTs you can place in your 16×16 farm depends on your GALA Power. The simplest way to increase your GALA Power is to acquire some GALA or TownCoin and store it in your player wallet.

With early access to TSP2E, GALA and Town Coin held in a player’s wallet will be the determining factors for that player’s GALA Power level.

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