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Ric Flair Coming to WAX with an Exclusive Blockchain Brawlers NFT Drop

Ric Flair in Blockchain Brawlers

Wrestling legend Ric Flair — aka Nature Boy — just announced a partnership with WAX and will be featured on the upcoming play-to-earn game Blockchain Brawlers. Here is what we know about this exclusive upcoming NFT drop.

After making massive waves in the ring for decades, Ric Flair is now coming to the metaverse by joining the Blockchain Brawlers project. The game should be launching at the beginning of Q2 2022.

The Ric Flair collection will drop early march and will be a limited edition of 100 NFT packs. The packs will contain one “Nature Boy” Ric Flair Legendary NFT and one free Ring NFT. The Ring NFT will come in different rarity levels: Standard, Hard Core, Cage Match or Death Match. Each buyer will also have a chance of scoring a Ric Flair NFT wearing one of the three ultra-rare belts: National Champion, Word Champion and Metaverse Champion.

Watch the announcement video with Ric Flair himself !

This new drop will gives players who didn’t get their hands on the highly coveted Founder’s Edition Legendary Brawlers a chance to be a part of the game at launch. At the moment some of the initial Founder’s Edition NFTs are up for auction on, but the prices are already flying high! Brawlers are currently being sold for 30,000 to 55,000 $WAXP — that’s $9,900 to $18200 at the time of writing this article!

How to Get on the Ric Flair NFT Drop Whitelist?

The whitelist sign up process will open on February 2nd. We have no details yet on the requirements to be selected. So if you wan’t to be part of it, join the Blockchain Brawlers Discord server and follow the announcements channel.

UPDATE : You can enter the whitelist contest by completing the tasks on

The price of the Rick Flair packs are still unknown but, as we can see on the calendar below, should be announced on February 17th. Regular Brawlers packs should be sold for $350 to whitelisted users. So we can assume that this legendary edition will be priced higher than that.

We are also looking forward to the game economy overview on February 14th and the game UX/UI sneak peek on the 21st.

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Developed by WAX Studios, an offshoot of the official WAX organization, Blockchain Brawlers is an upcoming play to earn game. Looking like a mixture of WWE, Mexican wrestling, and cage match brawls, Blockchain brawlers brings some some wrestling zaniness to the gaming world.

Expected to launch in early Q2 2022 the game will not be free to play. Players need a Brawler and a Ring NFT to participate in the play-to-earn activities. Rare and Legendary Rings allow multiple participants for extra insanity! Brawlers face off against opponents to earn BRWL, the official Blockchain Brawlers token. Higher rarity Brawlers earn more and they can also be equipped with weapons for additional bonuses. In addition to earning BRWL tokens, players have a chance to find gold NFTs after a match. These will be used for special upgrades.

Blockchain Brawlers Game Mechanics