DYGYCON 7 is Happening This Weekend

One of the funniest and most engaging PTE events of the year is starting in less than 24 hours. Hosted on Gamerjib and presented by Splinterlands, DYGYCON is a free event you don’t want to miss out on.


DYGYCON is a PTE-focused online event presented by Splinterlands, the hit play-to-earn card game on the Hive blockchain. 

DYGYCON 7 will run the entire weekend starting on Friday (1/21) at 5 am EST and ending Sunday (1/23) at 11:59 pm EST

The conference is an interactive mix of news, games, networking opportunities and marketing opportunities. It’s the right place to be, at the right time, at the beginning of 2022 – the best year to get involved in blockchain-related initiatives. 

The event is held on Gamerjib, an innovative platform to host engaging events. The platform allows you to create your own avatar, wear cosmetic items, talk to people in different ways (text, audio, video), join group chats and focus rooms, interact with boots and so much more. 

Gamerjib developed a digital platform that resembles a physical event from start to finish, and DYGYCON will make sure to use all its features to give its participants an unforgettable experience.

Splinterlands’ Team also announced they will hold a Silent Auction at the end of the event, and confirmed a great list of sponsors including Hive, The Sandbox, CryptoMonkeys, and many more.

What is going to happen at the event

Speakers from Gala Games, Splinterlands, and Brave will fill the rooms with insights, investors, and value-packed presentations. 

There will be a total of 4 exhibit halls, 1 auditorium, 1 community lounge, and 1 tailgate area. The digital conference will host tons of sponsors, interactive booths, and chat areas for all participants.

Developers on the WAX Blockchain in particular signed up in masses, in addition to that you will get dibs on all demos, previews, and insider information on games like Ultra Rare, Immersys, Costume Clash, Metaforce Comics, and dozens more.

Aside from the great panelists, DYGYCON will host a Scavenger Hunt and rewards active participants with a variety of rewards, including a free NFT for the top position.

How to join DYGYCON 7

Participation is completely free of charge and will remain open throughout the event. 

To sign up, head over to Gamerjib and register for the DYGYCON 7 Event. The platform will guide you through movements, opportunities, and stages available at the time of the event.

Most presentations and panels will also be streamed on Splinterlands’ Twitch Channel.

During the event, we suggest you take advantage of networking opportunities, as several big investors will join in, and over 500 participants RSVPed for the event.

To boost your opportunities to get in touch with other crypto enthusiasts and PTE gamers, try using conference-related hashtags on Twitter and make sure you remain active in Splinterlands’ Discord Channel.

We wish you a happy conference, and see you there!

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