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Dexioprotocol Announces Dexi Hunter Beta Release, Reports Other Product Updates

Showing no signs of slowing development or deviating from their roadmap, Dexioprotocol made news again this week by reporting the beta release of its flagship product, Dexi Hunter, will be available to whitelisted community members, top influencers and promoters, and partner projects by the end of January.

Dexioprotocol imagines a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and infinitely more people are connected by it. Dexi Hunter is the product of that vision; an augmented reality bounty hunting application, where players enter the Dexiverse and collect tokens, NFTs, game coins, or QR codes, there’s no end to the possibilities. Think of Dexi Hunter as Pokémon Go for crypto, but on a whole new level of technological sophistication.

The Hunter app isn’t just a game. It’s a tool to bring businesses, artists, enthusiasts, and the general community together through a familiar channel – mobile-based gaming – all while introducing players to blockchain technology. Use of the application could include an NFT artist advertising their work by dropping it on the other side of the globe, a new project looking to introduce themselves to the Dexi Hunter user base by offering their tokens for capture, or even an urban parking garage looking for a creative way to advertise they still have an opening on their lot.

The Company is accepting applications for other projects to participate in the Dexi Hunter beta testing. Several strict requirements are in place to participate. If your project is interested, you can email [email protected] from a project-sponsored email address for more information.

Product Development Updates

Dexioprotocol is also nearing release of several features and products to complement its blockchain ecosystem.

The Dexi Wallet, already released on the Apple App Store and Google Play, has major updates underway. The wallet will be transitioning to browser-based with a log-in function (think MetaMask). Most exciting is the introduction of DexiSwap, a private swap created for the Smart Dexio Network, and fully integrated into the new wallet. DexiSwap is a critical feature of the migration to the Smart Dexio Network in 2022. After that, the swap can be pointed at virtually any router, so users can swap on PancakeSwap, 1Inch, and other decentralized exchanges.

DexiKnights, the blockchain-based game currently in open beta, just received a new round of updates to improve player experience. Some of the most exciting updates are coming soon, but in the latest round of updates, three new arenas were added, two new dungeons, a new “endless” game mode, and performance optimizations for less powerful machines to run the game more efficiently. DexiKnights and its latest updates are available now on

The next iteration of DexiKnights will include play-to-earn and player-versus-player mechanics. Since the game was released in beta, many of these mechanics were held back so bug testing and player feedback could be collected before earnings would begin. The game already uses upgradable NFTs that can be resold on the DXG Game Emporium. Loot drops, in-game items to collect and resell, and other play-to-earn mechanics will be introduced later. Some of these features will be non-blockchain-based items, and others will be NFTs.

To learn more about Dexioprotocol, please visit their website or join their very active Telegram community



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