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BombCrypto is Blowing Up on Binance Smart Chain

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BombCrypto is getting attention as a highly regarded play-to-earn game. According to BSCDaily in the first week of January, it also had the most active users on Binance Smart Chain.  In this article, we dive into what all the fuss is about.

BombCrypto is a play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain.  It utilizes $BCOIN as its earnable token and for in-game purchases.  Set in Bomberland, players will use a team of Heroes to bring peace back to the kingdom. Scientists created the Heroes, each with their own skills and attributes.


To play BombCrypto you must possess Heroes which are purchasable in exchange for $BCOIN after connecting your wallet.  The game currently limits players to a maximum of fifty heroes. 

BombCrypto Heroes

Heroes have differing rarities and drop rates when purchased in-game.  The different rarities are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

In addition to their rarity, they have differing power stats.  These include:

  • Power – 1 to 18
  • Bomb Range – 1 to 6
  • Stamina – 1 to 18
  • Speed – 1 to 18
  • Bomb Number – 1 to 6
  • Special Abilities

The rarity of the Hero increases the chance of higher power stats and the number of special abilities.  The level of the Hero also increases the chance of higher power stats.  Heroes can be upgraded by merging with another hero or by paying a fee to upgrade.  While not required you can also purchase a house for your Heroes, which offers in-game benefits.

Players will also be able to purchase Heroes on the secondary market and might be lucky enough to rescue a Hero while playing Treasure Hunt mode.

Game Play

There are three modes in BombCrypto but only one is currently active.  The modes are Treasure Hunt, Adventure, and Battle.  Treasure Hunt is currently active to play.

BombCrypto Gameplay Modes

Treasure Hunt involves players sending off their bomber Heroes to mine different maps for BCOIN.  This is a relatively autonomous task and you don’t need to be present while they’re blowing up the map looking for coins.  When mining your team will lose energy. You then need to recharge them by resting to continue. If you possess a house then your heroes will regain energy at a faster pace while resting.

Adventure mode, originally planned for release in Q4 2021, will be launched on the 18th of January.  The whitepaper indicates it will be a PvE environment where players take on monsters.  When defeating a monster there will be a chance that it will drop BCOIN.

Battle mode is also yet to be released but will allow players to put down an entry fee and battle it out with other players, PvP.

What is BombCrypto

BombCrypto is a play-to-earn game utilizing Unity and based on the Binance Smart Chain.  Developed by Lahm Ho founder of Senspark, BombCrypto was first released on September 30, 2021. 

Sensepark is a Vietnamese-based game developer founded in 2011.  The team consists of over fifty employees with headquarters in Hồ Chí Minh.    The team has previously released similar titles, specifically, Bombsquad: Bomber Battle.  Bombsquad has over 1 million downloads on the play store.

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