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The NFT Worlds $90K Scavenger Hunt

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Following the tradition of other blockchain-oriented puzzles, this scavenger hunt, sponsored by NFT Worlds, requires players to find the twelve words of a mnemonic seed phrase. Finding the right ones gives the lucky participants access to a wallet with 3 ETH and 500,000 $WRLD tokens inside. The current value for both prizes is ~$90K USD!

In a showcase of the potential of their worlds, NFT Worlds has sponsored a scavenger hunt, with a very lucrative reward. Hunters must solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges to find the twelve words that will grant them access to the prize wallet. A wallet filled with 3 ETH and 500,000 WRLD tokens! You can see the wallet at this address –

Organized on a specially built NFT World, the quest is already well underway. To get into the Scavenger Hunt, you need the Minecraft Java Edition installed. (versions 1.17 to 1.18.1 are all compatible). Go to “Multiplayer”, then “Direct Connection”, then enter

jump, jump!

There are five instances of the scavenger hunt world, each able to support about 300 players at a time. Players can easily swap between the instances to meet up with friends and teammates. Once in the game, you switch to a different instance by typing “/server HuntX” (replace the X with the instance number you want to join) in the console.

Spread throughout the world, the first puzzles are easier to solve than the later ones. Each puzzle rewards one of the twelve words for the mnemonic seed phrase. The order of the puzzles is the same as the order of the words in the phrase.

Rumor has it that some teams have gotten to the eighth clue (perhaps even farther at this point). But, as each puzzle gets progressively harder, there is always an opportunity to catch up. And, there is also the chance that one of the answers the leading team has might be wrong. So grab some friends or find new ones on Discord! You will almost certainly need a team to solve this hunt!

What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is a collection of NFTs based on Minecraft seeds. Procedurally generated, each world contains resources of various rarities. This affects the world’s collection value and airdrop potential. But this isn’t just a simple Minecraft seed. This is a fully customizable world, that can be synced up to the blockchain, shared with other players, and even leased and monetized!

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find the clues, unlock the treasure!

Owners are free to edit their world as they wish. At any time, owners can sync and save those changes back to the NFT. Any changes are then reflected in the NFT’s image! There aren’t many projects with mutable NFTs, so this is pretty cool to see in action. Some of these worlds have been molded by professional Minecraft builders into really amazing and detailed landscapes.

Future plans include some sort of integrated, play to earn experience based on the WRLD token. We don’t have many details about this yet, but all NFT World holders received an initial WRLD token airdrop back in December. Another airdrop should land in February. The WRLD token already trades on several decentralized exchanges.

The value of NFT worlds has skyrocketed over the last few months. What cost only 0.1 ETH not long ago, now goes for over 3 ETH! The number of worlds is limited to 10,000. There will be no more. A number of NFT projects have already grabbed an NFT World to establish a base or headquarters for their community. This includes Metabears, Llamaverse, Bad Baby Dinos, Rare Ghost Club, and CrazySkulls.

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