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Prepare for Genopets Private Beta

Genopets private beta banner

Genopets, the self-titled, move-to-earn game, launches into Private Beta on January 20th. Though the focus of the beta is testing and feedback, active, helpful participants receive rewards in the form of GENE tokens. Interested participants should keep an eye on the official webpage for a beta registration form.

The Solana blockchain continues to attract a growing collection of quality blockchain games. One of those games, Genopets, a combination of Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and a reward-based Fitbit, announced their Private Beta.

Opening on January 20th, 2022, players need to apply for admittance. Submit your email address on the official webpage for information on when the beta application form goes live. Anyone may apply, but Genesis Pet Holders, DNA community members, and GENE token stakers receive priority access. The DNA community is an exclusive, VIP Discord group made up of the most helpful people on the server. The Beta opens to participants in waves. Just small groups of participants to start with.

While there is potential to receive rewards during the beta, the Genopets private beta is primarily for testing and feedback. Not to get a head start on other players. The team is very interested in hearing quality feedback and working with the community to tweak and improve their app. Helpful, active participants will be rewarded with GENE tokens.

You don’t need a Genopet to join the Beta, but pet owners have top priority. All of the Genesis Genopets have already been hatched, but you can find them and other Genopet NFTs on the Fractal marketplace.

beautiful Genopets creatures
beautiful Genopets creatures

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a free to play, “move to earn” game built on the Solana blockchain. Genopets uses data tracked by a smartphone or fitness wearable to level up a Genopet NFT in the game. Players can then summon their pet, and quest in the Genoverse to explore hidden lands, find loot, craft items and battle with other players. This also means that gamers can walk around, level up their NFT and then sell their progress on the public marketplace. That’s why they embrace the term: move-to-earn.

The play-to-earn economy of Genopets consists out of four elements:

  • GENE token – the governance and staking token for Genopets
  • KI token – the reward and utility token
  • XP – a state in the Genopet NFT meta data which can increase through activity
  • Gene Crystals – NFTs crafted from GENE and KI to accelerate and direct to evolution of a Genopet
Genopets habitats
different Habitats

Habitats are NFTs players can purchase or craft in-game and the main gateway into play to earn. Each Habitat holds one Genopet. Habitats generate Crystals and KI tokens passively, while also increasing the experience your Genopet earns. Players must maintain their Habitats or production stops.

With the move to earn functionality, players can generate income from leveling up Genopets and selling them, and/or building a habitat and selling the Crystals and KI tokens.

The GENE token exists on both Solana and Binance blockchains.

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