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ZionVerse Launches Lakshmi NFT Sale for Upcoming Metaverse Platform

ZionVerse supporters can now buy a Lakshmi NFT to prepare for the upcoming metaverse platform. These NFTs will be fully playable characters that will provide multiple meaningful benefits, most of which impact the player’s overall earning potential. Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Indian culture, so this NFT is designed to help player’s earn more money.

Inspired heavily by Indian culture, ZionVerse is an upcoming UGC platform that aims to give users everything they need to bring their play-to-earn game ideas to life. Players will embody various goddesses, gods, and demigods from Indian mythology as they explore user-created games with play-to-earn mechanics. Future updates will include other cultures’ mythologies as well. 

The current Lakshmi NFT sale is an early asset sale for the project that gives players the chance to become early supporters and reap multiple meaningful benefits, such as increased earning rates from in-game activities and a higher APY.

You can buy a Lakshmi NFT through the project’s official website for 101 USDC each. Be aware that you will be required to set up an account with Vauld to complete the purchase. 

The Benefits of a Lakshmi NFT

Why should you buy a Lakshmi NFT? Let’s take a closer look at what you get with a Lakshmi NFT:

  • There are only 5555 available
  • A base rate of 3% monthly and 36% APY
  • Base rate multiplier ranging from 0.5x to 3x based on the rarity of your NFT
  • APY on Lakshmi NFTs can reach 108% APY
  • Early access to the game

As with other NFTs in ZionVerse, the Lakshmi NFT is fully playable and will represent the player in-game as a 3D voxel character. Anyone interested in purchasing a Lakshmi NFT can do so on the official ZionVerse website.

What is ZionVerse?

ZionVerse is an in-development metaverse project built on Ethereum. ZionVerse isn’t a specific game, but a platform that gives players the tools to create their own games. Once the platform is launched, players will be able to build games and design experiences in a 3D voxel world inspired by Minecraft and Roblox.

Trimurti NFTs are required to access ZionVerse and will become the player’s character within the game. These NFTs will represent characters from Indian culture and history. As expected, the NFTs will have unique attributes and appearances. 

The project is being developed by Totality Corp, a software development company that has launched two successful apps. ZionVerse is in early development and the current roadmap states that gameplay won’t be available until Q3 2022. Watch the project’s official Twitter account for updates. 

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