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Moon Stones Equipment and Companion Sale

Moon Stones Character and Equipment sale banner

In their final NFT sale before closed alpha, Moon Stones offers Equipment and Companion packs. After completing sales for Main characters and Generic characters, the Moon Stone team presses forwards towards a playable release with the last bit needed for players to begin adventuring in their world. The sale begins on December 20th, 2021.

There are two different pack types up for sale, the Light and the Heavy. The Light pack contains one Companion and one Equipment NFT for $18 USD. The Heavy pack costs twice as much and has two of each NFT. Each pack also contains a ‘God Teal Chest’. This chest can be exchanged for Gold Teal, the official Moon Stone token, once the bank system is enabled.

How do I join this Equipment and Companion sale?

Golden Teal chests

Prices and rarities do not change between sales. Everyone has the same odds no matter which pack they buy or when they buy it. The Rarities for Equipment and Companions are Ordinary (69.6%), Epic (26%), Master (4%), Elite (0.4%). Gold Teal Chests follow the same percentage pattern and come in four sizes — Wooden Chest (100 Gold Teal), Bronze Chest (300 Gold Teal), Silver Chest (900 Gold Teal), Golden Chest (2700 Gold Teal).

Like many blockchain games, Moon Stones offers a pre-sale to holders of certain NFTs. In this case, it’s their Golden Moon Badge or Shiny Moon Sticker. Owners of these NFTs receive first access to the packs on Monday, December 20th at 4pm UTC. There will be enough so that every Moon Badge and Sticker holder is guaranteed at least one of each size pack — as long as they show up on time. This pre-sale only lasts for 30 minutes. Five minutes after the pre-sale, the public whitelist sale begins. This one is open to holders of Golden Moon Badge, Shiny Moon Sticker, Bronze Moon Sticker, and anyone who has the Mooner role on their Discord server. This sale lasts for one hour.

If anything remains after those two sales, the remaining packs will go into an open, public sale at 5:35pm UTC. A total of 2000 packs of each type will be available for this sale.

Why do you want Companions and Equipment?

Moon Stones magic wand

In order to join into fights or adventures in Moon Stones, you need at least one Companion or Equipment NFT, in addition to your Character. Each character comes with three Equipment slots and one Companion slot. Equipment includes things such as weapons, armor, potions, magic jewelry, etc. Companions are squires, familiars, animals, and such. With teams of up to four Characters, each with their own slots for Equipment and Companions, players may find that they want a decent NFT collection to fully equip their adventuring parties.

What is Moon Stones?

Moon Stones is an upcoming RPG adventure game built on the WAX blockchain. After donning their gear and gathering companions, adventurous players head out for adventures, both PvE and PvP. Those who prefer a more sedate lifestyle can take up a daily job or craft items.

Moon Stones main Characters

Main characters are all 1/1 unique NFTs and receive special bonuses. Players can also use Generic and Promo characters, but these are less strong than Main characters and are not allowed to rule land or participate in crafting.

While adventuring players find items that they either exchange for Gold Teal at certain merchants, or sell to other players on third party markets. Players form parties of up to four for adventures and PvP. Characters can be damaged while Adventuring and need something to eat to maintain their stamina. Potions and Food, generated by characters working jobs, provide these resources, creating a nice economic loop for the player economy.

Closed alpha is expected to begin in late December and run for one to two weeks. The team regularly rewards Badge holders with special whitelisted drops or airdrops. Future plans include a staking system, leaderboard competitions, and land exploration and ownership!

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