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Green Rabbit Releases Anticipated Materials Foraging Missions

Map of Nanotopia

Green Rabbit recently released their Material Foraging Missions.  These missions bring a new way for players to gain the resources needed to craft Anima Armor.  Players can now send Foragers to search the regions of Nanotopia for precious Materials!

To forage a player must possess a Forager NFT and pay a fee in Shellinium.  Materials will have multiple purposes and are initially used in combination with Greenprints to craft Anima Armor components.  After being discovered while foraging, materials are stored as Fungible Tokens. 

Materials that players can forage include those previously available in the Materials Depot:

  • Floria – From the Paragon Plains
  • Elder Tree Sap – From the Forest of the Elders
  • Versatopium – From the High Mountain Hillsides
  • Nanore – From the Molten Mountains


Image of Male Forager

There are eight Forager NFTs with two from each region.  Players level up a Forager by gaining experience in missions to gain XP.  As a forager reaches a milestone level their NFT graphic will evolve.  Milestone levels are at 10, 25, 45, and 50.  Level 50 is the highest level that a Forager can reach.  Players will need to use an Ascendant Orb to level past a milestone.  Players obtain Ascendant Orbs through Greenprint Fusing or purchased on a secondary market like Atomic Hub.

When a Forager levels up, they acquire stat points which are used to increase attribes of Strength, Speed, and Luck.

  • Strength – Protects a Forager from injury and recover faster if injured. 
  • Speed – Reduces the time taken to complete missions.
  • Luck – Increases the materials found returning more than the base amount per mission. 

For full details on strength, speed and luck impact on missions you can find the information here. While players can reset these points, they should be careful in assigning these as to reset costs a hefty fee.

Image of Female Forager


Missions, which come in tiered levels, have several variables including earn rate, success rate, injury risk, time, and weather.  Mission times are depending on the tier and the weather.  A tier one mission with average weather would remain at the average time of two hours.  If the weather is sunny that would shorten the mission time to one hour.  If the weather is miserable however this would lengthen the mission to three hours.

Higher tier missions come with both higher rewards and a higher risk of injury.  A player can only select a higher level mission with a Forager at the required level.  Tier two missions for example are only available for Level 10 Foragers or above.

Mission Complete Preview

After completing a mission players are notified of the outcome.  Outcomes may include that a Foragers was injured during their missions.  Before a player can use an injured Forager they will have to wait out a cool-down timer.  Players can overcome this immediately with a small fee to instantly heal them.

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is a racing game built on the Wax blockchain. Players wear special Anima Armor and compete in 3D racing events. Players race through a grueling, obstacle course known as Ultra-Anima. Equipped in Anima-Armor, racers seek to prove their worth in this contest. Winners receive prizes which could include the game currency Shellinium, NFTs, and resources.

Players stake NFTs to earn Shellinium, the official Green Rabbit token. With that Shellinium and various NFTs, players craft Greenprints and from those Greenprints, Anima-Armor. Armor comes in six components, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Pants and Helmet. You will need all six to complete an Anima-Armor suit. After that you can upgrade armor to obtain potential bonuses in the Ultra-Anima races.

Overall, their ecosystem is more complex than many of these type of games. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend reading their greenpaper.

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