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Metastrike to Allow NFT Maps Creations

metastrike map render screenshot

The blockchain-powered first person shooter Metastrike will allow players to use the Design Room mode, create game maps, and mint those as an NFT on the blockchain. Others gamers then need to upvote the map, to introduce it to the Metastrike’s Team Mode.

The developers are making Metastrike as a free-to-play game, and they allow players to earn from the game by being active. For example, they can design a game map. When that map becomes popular, they can earn from their creation. In addition the developers will sell in-game assets. Players can then upgrade these, and also sell these on the marketplace.

When it comes to gameplay, Metastrike takes inspiration from the most popular FPS game modes. Think about zombie mode, a singleplayer mode in which you need to survive against waves of zombies. Of course there’s Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag as well. In addition, less common modes like Kill Confirmed, Rush Mode & Conquest. Metastrike also allows guilds to win land, and then build a headquarters or home in the game.

When it comes to diversity in the blockchain gaming space, we definitely welcome a first person shooter like Metastrike. The genre is underrepresented at this moment. Gala Games is working on FASTR, but this will be more like a tactical shooter. Looking at the on-going popularity of games like CSGO and Overwatch, Metastrike could hit a sweet spot.

What is Metastrike?

Metastrike is an online multiplayer first person shooter enhanced with blockchain-powered functionalities. The game allows large numbers of people to own NFT guns. They can then use those NFTs to participate in the battle arenas, and earn tokens through their battles. In Metastrike players will find various game modes. In addition they can customize their NFT guns, and even design their own NFT game maps.

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