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Farsite Crate Sales Now Open to Public

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The space exploration game Farsite has opened its NFT crate sale to the public. Different crates with different prices give players ownership over ships, blueprints, modules, or extra credits. The sale requires a connected Metamask wallet with ETH, as prices start at 0.05 ETH and the most expensive available crate costs 0.35 ETH.

The crate sale for Farsite has been hyped quite a lot, because players will need credits in order to be able to purchase territory on one or more planets. To buy that land you will need Credits, the name of the in-game currency. However, you can only get Credits if you destroy an NFT containing some.

These so-called collateral NFTs or cNFTs are generally spaceships. So you will need to buy a crate, get spaceship, and then destroy the spaceship to obtain Credits. Out of the 4 different crates, only 3 are still available. When you order 3 crates or more, you will get a small percentage discount. This discount increased when you order more crates.

  • Ceres Crate – 0.05 ETH – Ship hull or module, some components, and double credits. (Time Limited)
  • Deimos Crate – 0.15 ETH – Ship or Module Blueprint T2+, Shiphull, Module, Components and Credits (2000 max.)
  • Ganymede Crate – 0.35 ETH – Ship Blueprint T4+, Module Blueprint, Ship Hull Rare+, 2x Module, Components, Double Credits

You can check out the store on the Farsite website.


Pre-Alpha gameplay starts on December 14th. Plays can expect to test fly their ships, dock at stations, explore other stars, and visit their planets. Most importantly though, Pre-Alpha marks the point where players begin mining and gathering resources from their Sectors.

If you don’t already own a sector, there are still some available on various planets, though most are quite expensive. For those with less deep wallets, the opportunity to acquire Sectors on new planets arrives on December 9th. Keep an eye on the Farsite Twitter and Discord.

What is Farsite?

Farsite is a blockchain-powered MMO game with elements of real-time strategy. The game’s economy uses aspects of decentralized finance on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain. Players can take on all kinds of roles to be part of a bigger intergalactic economy. Every item in the game is made by players, using resources that have also been acquired by players.

Players could be a hauler, a complete contracts by moving goods between space stations. They could also be a miner, gathering resources, or a manufacturer who creates tools and items. The universe of Farsite also offers space for governance over stars, mercenaries, pirates, politicians and of course traders.

To produce something, you’d need a blueprint, components, a base on a planet and Credits to pay for services. The blueprints you can buy, borrow, or find, while components are made from resources found on planets. All items in the game are owned by players. Establish a base on a Planet in a hunt for rare materials to craft powerful Ships and Modules, trade on the open market, fight for loot and honor to govern the entire Constellation!

Farsite also boasts Credit-backed NFTs, or cNFTs as they call them. Every Ship and Module is a cNFT. These are in-game NFTs which can be burned to receive Credits. This feature guarantees that every cNFT will always have a minimum value, based on the number of credits it’s backed with.

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