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SIPHER Public Token Sale Coming in December

sipher public token sale

The World of Sipheria and the upcoming top-down action game that comes with it, will soon launch their own native SIPHER token through a public token sale. The developers at Sipher will launch the token sale on December 6th on their official website. The sale will last for 72 hours and the developers state that there’s no rush to buy. However, they will unveil the mechanics of the token sale in the coming days.

The SIPHER token will become the foundation of the Sipher universe. They want to create a play-to-earn economy in an expansive, compelling universe. Their games should allow competitive and non-competitive players to enjoy the game, and players can own many digital assets. Gaming sessions need to be repeatable and social, while non-crypto gamers will be able to jump in easily.

The first game that’s coming to the ecosystem is an action-packed, light-roleplaying, cooperative and competitive dungeon crawler. The world will be procedurally generated, therefore no game will be the same. The Sipherian Surge and Sipherian Flash NFT collections will become playable characters in the game. The cheapest Surge is 0.33 ETH, while the cheapest Flash right now is 0.17 ETH.

Ultimate goal will be creating an MMORPG

Blockchain game studio Sipher has raised $6.8 million to create the online multiplayer action dungeon crawler World of Sipheria, which taps into the earlier released Sipherian Surge NFT collection. The development team puts focus on a PC release, but considering the type of game consoles or even mobile don’t seen outside of the realm of possibilities.

The upcoming game will feature NFT items, including game characters and possibly game items. Three players need to work together to survive a dungeon filled with enemies. Players characters will have different classes, skills and other details that influence gameplay. The levels themselves will be short, but action-packed. Players can collect resources, crafting material and level up their characters and weapons. Of course they can trade their leveled up items, as these NFTs become more valuable as they grow stronger.

Eventually World of Sipheria needs to become more than a dungeon crawler. The developers at Sipher want it to become a full-fledged MMORPG.

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