Midgard Clash Discusses Training and Rune System

midgard runes training and raiding

Midgard Clash will introduce new ways for players to upgrade and enhance their characters and weapons, as well as a rune system. This rune system will allow users to generate rune fragments by staking characters. There is no specific release date for these updates, but it should happen within a few weeks. 

Midgard Clash is focused on automated dungeon exploration that rewards players based on the NFTs they send into battle. Gameplay currently consists of sending one character and three weapons into a dungeon for 6, 12, or 24 hours. Players return to claim their Yggdrassil (YGD), the project’s token, and being the cycle again. You are unable to withdraw your earnings until you’ve reached 3,000 YGD.

The game launched recently after conducting several successful pack sales. All of the NFTs are based on Norse mythology and the lore surrounds Midgard’s Second Quest. The latest update from the team introduces new elements that allow players to upgrade their NFTs and generate additional rewards. 

Get Ready for Training Your NFTs

Weapon and character training work in the same way. Players will pick the desired NFT and combine it with a rune and set the amount of YGD to receive an NFT with upgraded rarity. 

For weapons training:

  • A bronze NFT will require a bronze rune and 400 YGD to receive a silver NFT
  • A silver NFT will require a silver rune and 800 YGD to receive a gold NFT
  • A gold NFT will require a gold rune and 2000 YGD to receive a platinum NFT

For character training:

  • Four bronze NFTs will combine and require a bronze rune and 400 YGD to receive a silver NFT
  • Three silver NFTs will combine and require a silver rune and 800 YGD to receive a gold NFT
  • Two gold NFTs will combine and require a gold rune and 2000 YGD to receive a platinum NFT

Runes Are Earned Through Raids

Runes are earned through a staking mechanism that generates rune pieces. Five pieces are combined to create a rune that is usable in the processes discussed above. Character NFTs will generate rune pieces of the same rarity. 

Raiding is how runes are earned and it’s essentially staking (it’s unclear if the NFTs actually leave your wallet, but presumably they do not). Players will stake 1-4 characters along with 10,000 YGD to earn rune pieces. Staking for one week will earn 12 pieces, while a month will earn 60. Players can send multiple groups of up to four characters but will pay the 10,000 YGD fee each time. 

There is no official release date for these new mechanics, but the team says it will only be a few weeks. These mechanics help provide additional ways to maximize earnings along with building the foundation for future developments. 

What is Midgard Clash?

Midgard Clash is an NFT-focused game that allows players to send their NFTs off to explore dungeons. After an automated dungeon crawl, the character NFT returns in a bag of Yggdrassil, the game’s token. Players claim their prize and send the character on another adventure. Higher rarity NFTs result in more earnings from the dungeons. 

Players may also upgrade their NFTs by spending runes and Yggdrassil. These new mechanisms allow players to continually improve their collection through dedicated gameplay, generative value throughout the experience. Follow the official Midgard Clash Twitter account for the latest updates. 

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