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REVV Racing to Introduce Play-to-Earn Car Upgrades

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The blockchain-powered racing game REVV Racing will not only allow gamers to play and earn REVV tokens, but will also introduce car upgrades. The new Fusion System will allow gamers to upgrade their common cars into new and more powerful racing beasts.

REVV Racing already has some legendary vehicles, but the majority of the cars are simply common cars. Thanks to the newly introduces Fusion System players can upgrade their cars using REVV tokens and a so-called catalyst. The Fusion System starts with the collection metadata tag from each car, for example Holder, Ignition, Sprint King etc. Each of these categories will have their own Fusion Tree or roadmap, defining what the car can ultimately become.

Blueprints, which every car owner has access to, define what players will need to generate a new car. Each collection has a specific blueprint. These blueprints will require crypto tokens (REVV) and NFTs (cars). However, you will also naar a Catalyst, or CATA. This is a new fungible token, primarily used in the Fusion System. You can create CATA through Shards (SHRD), and you can earn SHRD by playing REVV Racing.

Based on the number of laps you’ve driven and length of the tracks, you will earn SHRD tokens. So unlike REVV, which you only earn based on your ranking, you will always earn SHRD. This mechanic will launch by the end of November, meaning that in December you can start earning SHRD to create CATA. That’s also the moment the first blueprints will come into play.

What’s REVV Racing?

REVV Racing is a browser-based racing game developed by Animoca Brands, who are also the company behind a variety of racing games. The game plays very nicely, especially considering that it runs in a browser. It has the graphics and feel of an arcade or console game, with plenty of opportunities for skids, drifts, and wipeouts. There is only one race course available at the moment but plenty of competition for the top ranks.

The REVV Motorsport ecosystem is a series on blockchain-based racing games published by Animoca Brands. These games all use the native REVV token, which they can earn through gameplay participation. They can then use the token to purchase NFTs for the games or pay entry fees for the races. REVV Racing uses REVV as a reward, but players also need to use to token to buy additional tries in their road to success.

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