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Taco Universe Announces Extractor NFT Drop

Taco Universe, the metaverse under the largest Taco project, will hold its first Taco Universe Drop on December 3rd at 18:00 UTC. The drop will focus on Extractor NFTs, which are essential to generating the SHING token. SHING has multiple uses and will be able to be directly converted to TACO. 

Taco is an ambitious project on the Wax blockchain focused on building a broad platform that can host endless games and dapps. The project’s scope can be split into two divisions: Utility and Gaming. The utility division includes a Taco Mobile and web app that will work with other projects beyond games. 

Taco Universe is the gaming side of the broader Taco Project. The goal is to build it to become an NFT and token-based gaming platform. Taco Universe isn’t a specific game but will be a collection of games from multiple genres. 

Extractor NFTs and Venue NFTs are the core of Taco Universe. Extractor NFTs generate SHING, a token used throughout the game. Venue NFTs are the equivalent of land in other games and will also generate tokens. Developing Venue NFTs will require SHING.

(Sidenote: The project’s whitepaper describes both SHING and TACO as the game’s “main currency.” It seems like TACO will be the main token while SHING is the reward token, based on the whitepaper’s descriptions.)

The Extractor NFT drop marks the beginning of the player’s ability to generate SHING tokens passively. It’s an important milestone for the project, it’s time to dive deeper into the specifics.

Extractor NFTs Have Four Tiers and Access Windows

The drop will take place on December 3rd at 18:00 UTC and will have four pack offerings, each with an increasing amount of NFTs:

  • 2000 Small Pack: 3 Extractors – $22.
  • 1500 Big Pack: 10 Extractors – $85.
  • 800 Whale Pack: 15 Extractors – $135.
  • 450 Signature Pack: 20 Extractors – $200.

A total of 4700 packs will be available during this event. 

There are also four levels of access to the sale. The following whitelist tiers will have access to the sale before the tier below it:

  • Taco VIP NFT Holders, max 1 pack of each type
  • Whitelist Coupon NFT holders, max 1 pack of each type, begins 15 minutes after VIP
  • Holders of 10 or more Taco Sauces NFT, max 1 pack of each type, begins 15 minutes after coupon NFT holders
  • General public, max 1 pack of each type with 10 min resets, begins 15 mins after Taco Sauces.

Packs will not be openable until 24 hours after the sale. Read the team’s Medium post to learn more specifics about this NFT drop.

What is Taco Universe?

Taco Universe is the gaming division of the Taco Project. Taco Universe aims to build a metaverse on the Wax blockchain that allows gamers, developers, artists, and collectors to creatively build together. 

The SHING and TACO tokens are central to the project, with each having different uses. SHING is primarily generated by Extractor NFTs and can be exchanged for TACO or used to upgrade Venue NFTs. Venue NFTs generate revenue and can be upgraded with SHING to their generation rate. Extractor NFTs are on sale on December 3rd, 2021, while Venue NFTs will go on sale in January 2022. 

The Taco Project itself aims to become a core utility for the Wax blockchain. SHING and TACO tokens will be put to use beyond Taco Universe and in the greater Taco ecosystem. Stay up to date on this project by following Taco’s official Twitter.

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