The Improvements Coming to Chainmonsters Closed Beta

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B-Side Games is gearing up for the closed beta of Chainmonsters, set to launch early December at the latest, and they will introduce all kinds of improvements. In their most recent development update the team looks at the development progress made throughout October and November. One of the biggest changes? The revamped batle system.

Once upon a time Chainmonsters started as a top-down 2D MMORPG, but it has grown into a full-fledged 3D online role playing game that can potentially compete with Pokémon. Each chainmon has base stats, and players can upgrade them using gemstones, flowers, materials and Chip Dollars. Of course the real deal breaker is that captured mons can be converted into NFTs using Mint Tokens, including with the Season Pass.

With the new battle system, Chainmonsters wants to set itself apart from the competition. Compared to the previous versions of the game, of course the battle look way more awesome. However, battles also have a lot more features. In the closed beta elements like Stamina and its influence on ultimates comes into play, while certain species come with certain tactical advantages or disadvantages.

In addition the team has added a whole load of new designs, making the environment more vivid than ever before. They will even add a vegetation engine, allowing dynamic wind effects to make the world look even better. In the coming months the team will expand on the story and quests for the game. B-Side Games is looking to expand their team with more developers, to add more improvements to Chainmonsters in the many months to come.

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. It runs on PC and mobile devices. Players will be competing against each other. Every player is an agent working for a corporation. There’s a mysterious disease that makes all creatures more aggressive, and there’s a weird crystal in the world. Guess who needs to find out? But can players trust the corporation? Who knows.

Players will need to acquire all kinds of little monsters. Some of them can only be found in certain regions, others only for a limited time. These monsters come from different elements, nine in total. These are generally home to a certain island or region: pyro, hydro, nature, electro, air, cryo, geo, and crystal.

Each of those mons has several basic attributes: health points (HP), attack, defense, elemental attack, elemental defense, speed, and stamina points (SP). In addition, each mon has individual values for each stats, which means that mons can have different stats even though they look the same.

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