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CryptoBattles Deploys Alpha Gameplay and Begins First Token Sale

CryptoBattles, a strategy-focused PvP game, has launched alpha gameplay alongside the project’s utility token sale. Alpha gameplay is currently publicly available and players can earn crypto by winning battles. Two token sales are also currently underway with different maximum and minimum purchase amounts. 

CryptoBattles recently reached two major milestones by launching alpha gameplay and introducing the project’s utility token. Alpha gameplay is available to anyone on the official website

The game revolves around placing your bets and overcoming opponents to earn rewards. At present, you can use various cryptos to bet and earn. However, the project’s roadmap makes it clear that the newly released utility token, CBT, is intended to be used for bets and rewards.

If you’re put off by the word “bet,” don’t worry. There’s plenty of actual strategies involved in winning. You aren’t relying on a dice roll to determine if you’ll win. Instead, your understanding of game mechanics and how you deploy soldiers will lead you to victory.

You can also win CBT tokens by completing daily quests and winning tournaments. These features were added recently and we can expect more ways of earning CBT in the future.  

Future updates will see the introduction of game skin NFTs and a comprehensive marketplace. Additionally, CBT will become useful for staking and governance in Q1 2022. By Q3 2022 there will be land integrated into the game alongside guild battles. 

How is CryptoBattles Gameplay?

Play-to-earn games stand out from other dapps because of gameplay that’s ideally immersive and keeps bringing you back for more. How does CryptoBattles compare?

The current incarnation of gameplay is straightforward and complete. Of course, the team has bigger plans than what’s currently available. However, the alpha release is a playable game that has the potential to earn rewards. 

The game begins by selecting your hero. Each hero is an anthropomorphic currency symbol fully equipped for battle. I chose the Ethereum hero:

After a few approval Metamask transactions, you’ll be ready to enter matchmaking. You’ll see a screen like this, which also explains the rules:

Players will need to distribute 100 troops throughout three stages to defeat their opponent. You’ll be given sliders to allocate troops to specific positions, and then unleash them and watch them fight:

Your mini currency symbol heroes charge at each other and go for blood. You’ll win if you sent the right amount of soldiers to the right position. Otherwise, you’ll see a screen like this:

Eris wiped the floor with me. Notice how I sent most of my soldiers in on the first stage, while Eris was more careful and sent the horde on the last stage. Not only do you need to ration your soldiers, but you also need to consider how many soldiers your opponent may send. 

I wish I could give you better insights into how to achieve victory, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m intrigued and looking forward to a few more rounds, however. Part of the fun of exploring a new game is discovering the best strategies to lead you to victory. Would Eris have won if I had also saved most of my soldiers for the last round?

Which Token Sale is Right for You?

Are you ready to buy some CBT tokens? Keep in mind that the tokens are not currently usable in-game, although they will be soon. There are two token sales currently available:

  • Token Sale 1.0 (Whale Pool)
    • Maximum individual allocation: $10,000
    • Minimum individual allocation: $2,500
  • Token Sale 2.0 (Dolphin Pool):
    • Maximum individual allocation: $2,000
    • Minimum individual allocation: $50

People who wish to participate in the Whale Pool will need to be whitelisted by filling out an application. Everyone else can freely participate in the Dolphin Pool right now.

There are plenty of additional details about the CBT token sale and the distribution plan available on the team’s Medium post. You’ll need a web3 wallet setup to use Binance Smart Chain, along with at least 51 BUSD ready to spend, to take part in this sale. 

What is CryptoBattles?

CryptoBattles is a PvP-focused game that sends players charging into battle against each other. The release of alpha gameplay has showcased the levels of strategy that players must master to earn rewards. The game runs on Binance Smart Chain and plans to add Polygon Chain support in Q1 2022. 

Currently, winning battles for crypto rewards is the only way to earn. However, staking and land content will bring new earning opportunities. Players win battles by tactfully sending the right amount of soldiers to the best location over the course of three stages. The last player standing wins it all, while the loser walks away with nothing. 

The project aims to have a complete mobile app launched by Q4 2022. Between now and then, the team will implement a guild system, land utility, tournaments, and CBT rewards. View the project’s roadmap for more information

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