All NFT Avatars Will Be Welcome in Cryptovoxels

cryptovoxels avatars NFT VRM file

Cryptovoxels will implement the ability to import NFT avatars in their virtual world. This would mean that users can walk around in Cryptovoxels as their Meebit, Void, Metakrew or Clone X NFT character. At the same time the existing avatar system will remain, so any avatar could wear a voxel hat.

Ben Nolan shared these plans for NFT avatars in Cryptovoxels in a vlog. These avatars will require a so-called VRM-file, often offered as a downloadable file to the NFT holder. Nolan wants to implement this new feature before the end of the year, but recognizes that this will come with some challenges. For example, the VRM model needs to be tailored to the skeleton model used in Cryptovoxels.

NFT avatars have been the biggest craze lately. In the case of Bored Ape Yacht Club there will be 3D characters on the roadmap. However, a wide variety of NFT projects already offer VRM models. Think about VOID, Fluf World, Meebits and the soon-to-be-released Clone X and Metakrew collections.

Using NFTs from other projects in your own project, is a form of interoperability. It allows users to own one asset, which then can then use in multiple locations. In a full open and interoperable metaverse, users can take their NFT avatar and go anywhere. That’s the type of interoperability that’s still lacking, but more projects are implementing such features. Think about for example NFT 2040 and WorldWideWeb3.

Last month we posted an article listing a variety of NFT avatars that you can use across different gaming worlds. There we listed Meebits, Metakrew and Clone X as well.

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